Thursday, March 22, 2007

In Like a Lamb or Lion

I don't know about everyone but March totally came in like a lion at our house. We have all been sick. I know that stuff is going around and lots of people have been sick but someone in our house has been sick for almost 2 months! Last month Kade had an ear infection and once he got over that he had some goopy stuff coming out of his eyes along with having a cold. He finally got over that and then we've all had colds or sinus problems or worse. Kade had a double ear infection but the first round of antibiotics didn't take care of it so he's on another round. Hopefully this will clear it up, he is so clingy. The bad thing is he doesn't tell us his ears hurt. We have to wait for the 103 degree fever to tell us it's more than a cold. Mattey had a bad cough for a few days and that kind of went away but a high fever showed up. After three days of this I took her to the doctor, I wanted to make sure it wasn't a virus. She had bronchitis. After antibiotics and a lot of vegging and napping on the couch she is finally on the mend and back to school. Megan had a fever last weekend. She was sick enough that she actually took a nap both days. It was funny, she would wake up after her nap and ask if it was the same day. She hasn't napped since she was 2 or 3. She is sick again with a fever. Who knows what it is. I've been fighting with my sinuses for 3 weeks now. I think I'm getting better but it keeps coming back. I think I've finally got a real sinus infection and I plan on going to the doctor tomorrow. Mickey has been the healthiest of us all although he's battled a cold and being tired.

We haven't taken pictures of this glorious month of illnesses. I don't think anyone would want to see goop flowing out of Kade's eyes or the chapped bags under his eyes. Mattey wouldn't want any one to see her after a coughing fit which makes her eyes tear up. I'm sure Megan wouldn't want it documented that she took two naps.

I hope that we all get better soon so the month can go out like a lamb along with nice weather.


Kelly said...

I did go see the doctor today. I have a bacterial infection in my sinuses. I've probably had it for a while but my symptoms kept coming and going I wasn't sure. So I have a strong antibiotic to kill off the infection. I also asked about this knot that showed up in my back on Tuesday morning, it's gotten more painful everyday since. It's an inflamed lymph node. I didn't know we had them in our back. I learned something new today, not something that very meaningful or highly educational. I should be better in a few days. We'll see.

DadS said...

Well ... now I know where I got it from. We took the kids to see the new Turtle moive Saturday evening and Sunday after church I started getting the scratchy throat. I wook up Monday and it was still there and growing ! So I'm now living on Day Quil and Night Quil.

Sigh ... the Joys of Sharing. Hope everyone in your household gets better soon.