Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Still In Kentucky

We just woke up now we're on day 2. Now it is 8:00. Now we are going to the zoo. But we got lost. Now we are going the right direction and the right road. It is now 10:07. We are getting closer to zoo. We saw seals, bears, poler bear, naked mole rats, insects, reptiles, manatees, fish, alligator, and crocodiles. We are going back to rest and than we are going swimming in the pool. I am going to jump in the pool and rise up again. We had fun today it was awesome. We went to a mall for dinner I had SUBWAY with my Dad and Mom, Matt, Kade had Chick-fil-A. We also saw the Ester Bunny.

Cincinnati ZooWalking SticksThree Bugs in the Bug House

Mama and Kade The Elephants

Mama and Baby GorillaThe Giraffe

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