Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day 2007

Today the girls went with my parents to see the Memorial Day parade in Edwardsburg, MI.  They watched the parade with Great Grandma and Grandpa and Aunt Jan and Doc.  After the parade they went to McDonalds (where else?) and then to the festival.  They came home hot and tired and with weird markings all over their bodies.  Mattey had a Pink Panther on her arm and a rainbow on her cheek while Megan had a long green snake going all the way up her arm.  Everyone seemed to have a real good time and my Mom said that the girls behaved very well.  Thank goodness!

While Kelly was busy painting in Kade's room (racing stripes), Kade and I worked outside.  We wacked some weeds and pulled some out of the front flower bed before I had to come in to get some relief from all the outside allergens.  Kade watched a couple of shows before going down for his afternoon nap which I gladly joined him in.

We ordered Papa John's pizza for supper and played some Botche ball before going to pick it up.  We topped the night off with a few minutes of Wario Ware Smooth Moves on the Wii.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Mattey is 6!

I can't believe our second child is 6 today. She is taking cupcakes into school today to have a little celebration with her classmates. Then sadly she has to celebrate her birthday tonight at Megan's game. We will take some more cupcakes and I think she will get to open some presents so it shouldn't be too bad.

Life with Mat has been fun. She used to be this little thing that didn't speak and was very loving. Now she is rarely quiet and still is loving but it's more of a smothering love and a love of pushing people's buttons. Life without Mattey would be dull and boring. I'm glad that I have one girly girl.

Happy Birthday, Mat! We love you.