Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Squirrel Free Feeder?

This story is a long time coming. On May 3rd, I had looked out the bathroom window and saw something strange. There was something bushy sticking out of the top of our bird feeder. It was a squirrel. Some how the hungry little pest had removed the lid off the top and climbed right in. It was having a feast when I went out to take these pictures. The girls came home from school while the squirrel was eating. We yelled at it, trying to get it to look out but it kept on eating. It probably thought "When am I going to eat this good again?" I picked up a stick and threw it at the tree. That got it's attention. We let the squirrel dine in peace and then replaced the lid after it was gone.

I don't think the squirrel was smart enough to figure out the latch, it got lucky the wind had blown hard the previous day to loosen it. It hasn't been back inside the feeder but it does lay on top of the branch that it's attached to wishing for more seeds.

What Kind of Bird is That? The Fallen Lid

Back to the Feast Hey, That's no Bird


Kelly said...

Sweetie, I hope you like this configuration of the pictures better.

Mickey Standiford said...

I would never discourage you from entering news so I was willing to accept the artistic form you showed in your original post. That being said I am very happy with the way it looks now. :-)