Monday, July 30, 2007

Mackinac Island: A Rainy Event

In June (yeah that's right I'm trying to make my way up to current news), Kelly and I celebrated our 14th Anniversary by getting away from it all and staying on Mackinac Island. Our parents graciously took turns watching our children as we enjoyed some much needed rest and relaxation. We drove up on Sunday morning the 3rd and parked at the Shepler's Ferry. Here was the scene as we waited our Ferry to arrive.

Notice all the Rain Drops in the Water

That was to be a theme for the trip as it rained every day except for our last day there. Although this was the case we managed to get out and enjoy some of the island. We stayed at the Bay View Inn, a very nice bed and breakfast.

The Bay View

Kelly walked around loving the smell and look of all the Lilac Trees of which I have never seen so many before. We were served a very delicious dessert every night, which is always a way to win me over.

Despite the rain there was plenty of picture taking opportunities. Check out the Mackinac Island set on flickr.

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