Thursday, August 16, 2007

School Picnic

Tonight we attended the Open House Picnic at the Girls' school. We were able to go see their classrooms, find out where they sit and meet their teachers. Obviously we already knew Mattey's teacher, since Megan had her for first grade but we had never met Megan's new teacher. They both seem quite nice. One of the funniest things is that in each of their classes they have a classmate who is a child of someone that I went to high school with. I really haven't seen a lot of people from my school in the many years since I have graduated so it's really strange to meet both of them there.

Pictures, of course, are available on flickr.

Three New Shelves After we got the girls in bed, Kelly had asked me to help her put up some shelves in the office over her desk. Normally hanging shelves in our household leads to more than enough holes in the wall and frustration trying to get a screw to stay in the drywall. We can use every kind of anchor and it usually still ends up not exactly how we planned. Tonight was a huge exception. The process of hanging these three shelves really went smoothly. Thank goodness for that.

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