Monday, August 27, 2007

The Second Day: A Little Calmer

Sunday morning I dropped the kids off at Linda's House before church so I could go to choir. Kade fell asleep during Sunday School, I wonder why? :-) After church the kids relaxed and watched a show while I rested on the couch for a few minutes. Our Home Teacher came by for a short visit, during which Megan told him all about our trip yesterday and then she shared an embarrassing story which I only heard part of the night before.

She told me that while she was in the stall of the restroom at Rainforest cafe, she didn't latch the door all the way and some lady walked in on her. Well the whole story was that she was in the stall when some lady, who was talking to someone else, backed into the stall (Meg said excuse me but the lady didn't hear her) latched it then turned around to see Meg sitting there. Good thing she didn't sit on Meg! Megan was laughing about it when she told it but I imagine she was a little scared by the whole thing. Now she'll probably never go in a public place again.

Kelly went with the Williams to church and then later went over to Janel's parents' house. She sent me a couple great pictures so I posted them to flickr.

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