Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Dinner Fun

I went to get a picture off the "little" camera (we have two that we use, the other being the "big" or "good" camera {don't get me started on cameras}) and found these fun pictures of us enjoying our dinner. I made Chicken Parmesan and Kade started slurping up his linguine. He was cute doing this so I had to grab the camera and take a few shots. He was having a hard time with the linguine so everyone took their turn showing him how to do it. They also got their picture taken. Kade had to have a turn with the camera too. He took an "artistic" shot of me. I think his finger blocked the flash causing the redness. I also got my head chopped off. I guess the linguine was the most important thing. Enjoy the pictures, we enjoyed the meal.

Almost there


becca said...

those pictures are too fun! sounds like a yummy meal!

Janel said...

Best recent Standiford pics:
Mickey slurping fettucine
Kade posing with new haircut
Megan all shampooed up
[Kelly petting the llama in Utah]

Great photography, as always. You can see Kelly's shots have made at least 10 posts on the Williams/Wilson websites! What a great talent.