Friday, September 14, 2007

Eye'm Better

 Kade's Eye

Yes, I know the title's a typo.  By eye I'm referring to Kade's eye.  Last Friday I was laying down for a much needed rest.  It hadn't been more than 15 minutes, I was planning on taking 20.  Kade had asked me for some "rotten" milk, his word for chocolate.  We're working on it.  I asked him to wait a few minutes because I really needed to rest my back (and the rest of me).  I heard him get in the silverware drawer but I thought he was just getting a spoon.

Not true.  The next thing I heard was him screaming and crying.  I ran out and he's got a butter knife in one hand, the other hand is covering his eye.  Huge tears are streaking down his face and there's a scratch on his cheek right below his right eye.  Then the thought hit me...What did he do?  After struggling with him I got him to open his eye.  When he looked out the window into the light I could see a scratch on his eye ball.  Great.  Now what do I do?  A few minutes had past and he had calmed down.  He wanted a wet washcloth to hold on his eye.  I accommodated him.  After a few minutes of that he seemed fine.  I called the eye doctor.  She wasn't in. I called Mickey, knowing he was at the hospital with his mom and hoping Jan was there.  Jan wasn't there yet.  I haven't switched our doctor yet so I called the old one who's no longer there but there is a doctor covering his patients.  I got an appointment with her for that afternoon.

We got to the doctor's office and you wouldn't think anything had happened to him.  We are called back.  The doctor came in with her eye kit.  The eye had to be numbed so she could put an orange die in his eye.  She let me have a go but Kade is all worked up.  So I decided to hold him down and she could do it.  He is freakishly strong for a two year old.  The doctor left the room for a bit after putting the die in.  She hoped he'd calm down but I was worried he'd cry all the die out.  Yellowish-orange tears are a weird thing to see.

Kade did calm down a little bit.  Time for the magical blue light.  He got freaked out again.  She didn't even have to touch him.  The scratch I saw was the only one the doctor could see.  No real harm done but he will need to have an antibiotic ointment put in three times a day for a week.  I was happy his eye's fine I didn't realize what's in store for the next week.

We drove to Target to get the ointment.  The pharmacist, Maria, is great.  She explained how to put the ointment in Kade's eye.  I said "You realize he's two, right?"  She told me to do my best.  The first few times were a struggle.  Then I had a brilliant thought of him pulling his lower lid down while I put the ointment in.  That worked for about 5 doses.  Then it was back to the hard way, him getting pinned down.  I have one more dose to give him and then I'm done.  Yippee!


Mickey Standiford said...

Freakishly strong for sure. And one of the strongest parts is his eyelids. Kelly has born the brunt of almost all of these treatments but last night I had my chance to try it by myself. It is extremely hard to open his eyelids when he doesn't want you to. Thank goodness this event is almost over.

Kelly said...

I forgot to tell why Kade had the knife in the first place. With being the genius that he is he'd gotten it out to attempt to open the chocolate syrup. I don't know why he would have thought to use a knife, teeth work just fine.

becca said...

i forgot, I LOVE the title of the post.

becca said...

ha, check me out... leaving comments on your blog. fun. Ugh, this sounds like it was such a fun event! Love those injuries that require repeated maintenance. I also think that because of the strength of small children, I should be asking my kids to help me open the jar of pickles instead of Erick.