Friday, September 28, 2007

Half Nakey

Our little boy is so funny.  During the summer Megan began commenting on men without shirts.  She started calling them "half nakey".  Kade is a little parrot sometimes and picked up this phase.  Anytime he's without a shirt or pants or both he says he's "half nakey".  I make sure to point out that he's "all nakey" when both shirt and pants are off.  (That's me the correcting control freak.)

Half Nakey

Today he was wearing some new pants that he'd just got and had gotten dinner all over his shirt (it's not a new thing to have a dirty shirt, it's usually his napkin) and had taken it off.  Then he had to run around saying he was "half nakey".  After that got everyone's attention he started saying, loudly, "armpit!" with his fingers in his pits, flapping his arms.


A few weeks ago we watched "Holes" for family movie night.  There was a kid nicknamed Armpit.  Kids on the movie were chanting "armpit, armpit".  Kade, being the afore mentioned parrot, picked up on this lovely phrase too and uses it whenever he can.

It's never boring around here when Kade's in performance mode.  Here's a few more pictures of him showing off his big belly and muscles.

Big Belly  Muscle Man

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BettyS said...

He is just the cutest. You have your own built in entertainment!
Love Grandma