Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Joys of School and a New Doc

¡Warning!  The Standifords are QUARANTINED due to LICE!  Yuck.  Megan has had an itchy head for the last few days.  She went to the school nurse yesterday or the day before and she didn't see anything.  I took her to our new doctor, Dr. Teters, today and it turns out she does have lice.  That means we all could have it.  We went to Target and got some one step shampoo treatment.  We all lathered up with the shampoo and waited the 10 minutes.  The reds didn't have any.  Mickey didn't have any.  I didn't have any. We all lucked out.  Now I have to attend to a lot of laundry and tomorrow tackle a lot of vacuuming.  Like I didn't have a bunch of other things to do already with Super Saturday two days away.  But I will put Megan to work tomorrow since the doctor suggested I keep her home, just in case.

So we went to the new doctor's office today and the nurse that called us back is my cousin's (Robb) wife's (Jamie) mother, Lori.  (I know, confusing.)  And then when we went back to the room we saw our former nurse, Troy.  It was nice to already know people in a new place.  We really liked our doctor.  Thanks, Jordan, for the suggestion.  Although I had to do a double take because he looked nothing like his picture from the link above.  He has a mop of hair on his head.  It kind of threw me since I wasn't expecting it.  Can't he update his picture?

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