Friday, September 28, 2007

Mickey's Late Present

Warning: If you don't know or care about knitting you may consider this post boring. You can skim through it and check out the pictures.

A couple days ago I finally finished the project for Mickey's birthday. I couldn't do exactly what I wanted with it but I decided to give it to him anyway. I can always attempt the detail later, after some practice. I didn't want him to wait anymore.

I suppose I should start at the beginning of this story. I was looking at sock patterns on line and through Knitting Pattern Central found a pattern called TechGuy Socks. There is a sock at the bottom of the page with a Mac Apple logo on it. This totally jumped out at me. This would be perfect for my computer geek. I knew I wouldn't follow the pattern exactly because I knew there was no way he would wear wool.

I tried to order some Cascade Fixation yarn before I left for my trip but I didn't try early enough so I could have it while I was gone. (I saw this yarn used a book from the library and thought it would work really well in socks for Mickey.) I found a place in Ohio to order from but to overnight three little balls of yarn was going to be $42! What! I could drive there and get it but the gas would probably be more than $42 and I had too much to do. I decided I would try a different yarn. I tried the sock about 4 times while in Utah but it didn't work out. After settling back to normal life I ordered it from Yarn Market, the store in Ohio. It came in two days! I could have ordered it before I left and still got it in time. Oh well.

I had to figure out this yarn, it's 98.3% cotton and 1.7% elastic. You have to pull it tight while you knit with it and I had to work out my gage. It took me a few attempts but it turned out really nice. The apple detail is something called duplicate stitch. You work a piece of yarn over the knitted item, kind of like embroidery or cross stitch. The main part of the sock is black and the stitches are tight. I couldn't get it to work. I need to knit up a swatch of it and practice.

Anyway, Mickey seemed to like his socks and the idea of the apple. I pulled off a surprise too. He thought I was doing something for the laptop. (Janel, I think your present threw him off.) Kade was so happy that Mickey had his own socks from Mama (Kade had tried them on a few times while I was working on them) that he had to have his on too. He calls them slippers, they are a little big.


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