Tuesday, September 4, 2007

My Birthday Getaway

Since Mickey has already posted some of my trip I won't repeat it. He did forget to mention that I did get a seat on my original, delayed flight. Some people were moved to different direct flights and that opened up a few seats. (This was not a good way to start out my first ever solo traveling experience.) There was actually one seat open. I was impressed. But how do they manage to oversell?

Sunday I went to church with the Williams. I found a few things interesting in comparison to here. The people in the congregation treat their building with less respect than they do here. Every child had a snack and some were even coloring with markers! The people also seemed less friendly. That aside when I walked into the church I felt right at home. The interior was the same color as ours, although the wood work was just a dark brown instead of the two tone we have. Even the couches and chairs were the same. After church we went to Janel's parents' house. I met the Wilson family. I loved the orchard. (I have pictures of the orchard featured on Wilson Watch.) Some day I want to have a little one.

Monday, if you have read previous postings you would know I went to BYU's campus. I must say that it's not as beautiful at Notre Dame. They try but all the buildings are different styles which detracts from the overall beauty. With BYU being in Utah there aren't as many trees. It was interesting to see what another big campus looks like. They do have a nice bookstore. And the view of the mountains is great.

Tuesday was IKEA day. It was so much fun. Like Mickey posted I found a chair that I'm just going to have to go back and get. There were so many household items in that store. I'm sure I didn't look at everything. I ended up buying cups and bowls for the kids, an apron for me (I've been looking for one forever), and some flexible cutting boards. I only spent $13 unlike someone who will remain nameless. We stopped at the cafe hoping they were still serving breakfast but no. They had a cinnamon roll that looked so good. I lucked out because they were selling them in a six pack by the door. We all ate them. They were probably the best ones I've ever had. This will motivate Mickey to take me to the IKEA in Chicago. Later Janel, Linda (her mom), and I worked on some arches for the wedding reception on Friday.

Wednesday was my birthday. Janel took my to Temple Square. We even got to leave her girls with their aunt. We totally enjoyed the child free time. Thanks Emily. First we toured the Conference Center (I kept wanting to call it the convention center). This place is huge. It was like an art gallery inside. The walls are all made of fruit wood, pear I think. It was beautiful. (My pictures didn't turn out that well but I found a great one on line of what the auditorium looks like, so check out the link above.) The roof is literally a garden with fountains and lots of plant life. This building really is an architecture miracle. After the Conference Center we went over to the Temple grounds. We wandered around and ended up going to the Joseph Smith Memorial building. After admiring the lobby we needed a little bite to eat. We found the Nauvoo Cafe and had a sandwich and cooled off. It was hot that day. Then we went to the basement and spent a lot of time in the distribution center stocking up on church goodies: movies, books, and music. We then found our way to the top floor and had a great view of the temple and the conference center. (We really wanted to watch the Joseph Smith movie but didn't have enough time.) Not having a lot of time left we went to the Tabernacle, which is tiny in comparison to the conference center, and then the two visitor centers. The north one was more interesting to me. There are wonderful paintings of the life of Christ hanging on the walls and upstairs is the Christus statue. I do remember seeing this as a kid. We quickly made our way back to the car and to pick up the girls. We had a floral appt. with Janel's sister. The bouquet needed to be made for the bridal pictures. Somehow I whipped this beautiful bouquet together in about 30 minutes and I never panicked. That was amazing. Since it was my birthday we got a movie, it wasn't a good one, and carry out from Cafe Rio. The food was delicious, but a little too spicy for me. I'll have to see if Chipotle has something like it. I watched the cute video of Mickey and the kids singing to me, then we had Taffy Apple Pizza.

Thursday was kind of a relaxing day, at least in the morning. Janel and I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean 3 at 8:30 p.m. I had already seen it but was happy to see it again. We didn't get home until about 11:30 or midnight. We still had some things to get done for the wedding the next day. Janel's shirt was too long and she didn't really want to hem it. Neither did I, hemming is something I hate to do. But I did it, and it was the easiest hem I've ever done. Then Janel had to polish up her little bit for the luncheon after the wedding in the morning. She finally got it done and we went to bed around 2. Neither one of us got a lot of sleep during my stay. Sorry Janel.

Friday was Krista's (Janel's sister) wedding. That was at 10:30 but we had to be at the Temple at 10. It was beautiful inside the Provo Temple. I could really feel the spirit there. Afterward there were lots of pictures taken. I slid up beside the photographer, who was Janel's cousin, and took a few shots of the family. (These are also featured on Wilson Watch.) The luncheon was held in the Sky Room at BYU. I didn't see much sky since it was only on the 5th floor but the view of the mountains was great. After we ate there was a program but I didn't stick around for it, I was almost falling asleep. I made my way to the bookstore to pick out a shirt for everyone at home. Then I walked home, took a cold shower, and laid down to rest. After a little snooze Janel and I had to make a few (5) floral arrangements for the reception. Then it was time to party. There was a steady line of people ready to congratulate the happy couple. Congratulations Krista and Bryce. I went home a little early, still tired and I wanted to start packing.

Saturday started with Cinnabon Coffee Cake. I love this stuff. (I found the mix as Sam's.) Then it was time to make cards with Janel. I got her hooked on this craft so I thought I had better supply some kits to make while I was there. We made four cards and even Sage got into it. Then it was time to rest before driving to Salt Lake. We made it to the airport with plenty of time for me to check in and still get a seat. There were only 67 people on this flight, lots of empty seats. The flight was uneventful, just the way I like them. Mickey met me at Midway and we drove home, kind of. Some how he got off the road that took us to the toll road. Thankfully his phone has internet and we got a map to show us how to get home. It was nice to come home to the kids sleeping. Kade woke up at 1 a.m. and wasn't awake enough to realize it was me picking him up. He just wanted daddy. The next morning all the kids were happy to see me and they all liked their shirts. Then the normal chaos began. I guess I was expecting too much if I really thought they would be over some of it when I got back.

Thanks Sweetie for sending me away for my birthday. It was probably one of the most relaxing ones I've had in a long time. Thanks for taking care of the kids too. I'm sure you will understand my frustrations better now.

Thanks to the Williams and the Wilsons for making me a part of their family for a week. I had a great time. All those sisters.

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Mickey Standiford said...

What an amazing post! I am quite impressed with your blogging ability. Thank you for documenting your fun trip so we could enjoy some of the experiences you had. I'm so glad you enjoyed your birthday.