Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Two More Down

Today was a busy afternoon. Meg's been wanting her hair cut for a few days but there hasn't been much time lately. So today was the day. She wanted her hair very short, meaning above her ear. I said that was too short and talked her into cutting it to chin length. It's a cute cut for her. Her hair is thick and straight. It has to get cut right or you can see the mistakes. I think I did pretty good the first time. She actually sat really still. Again I was already in the process when I thought of the before picture. What's wrong with me?

Kelly the Beautician

Next was Mat. Her hair is thin and has body so I love to cut it, less work and the mistakes don't show so much. Mickey came home in the middle of this haircut and got a picture of me at work. Mat looks really cute with short hair. She's such a little pixie. Mat's the little wiggly one. I can't get her to sit still at all. It's rather annoying sometimes. She doesn't have a before picture either, why should she if the others don't?

Here are the afters of the girls:

Meg's Haircut I

Meg's Haircut II

Mat's Haircut I

Mat's Haircut II



Mickey Standiford said...

Good job getting all three haircuts done and pictures posted for all of them. That is quite an accomplishment to go along with everything else you did yesterday. Sorry the pictures wouldn't layout exactly how you wanted them. :-(

Kelly said...

Mat was cute...the morning after the haircut she asked me if Mrs. Ruszkowski would recognize her since her hair was so different. I told her of course she would. Who could forget that cute face?