Thursday, September 6, 2007

Where does toast come from?

I had toast for breakfast this morning. Kade had a bite of it and after I had finished and was of course doing something else he tells me he wants his own toast. This is simple right? The toaster is still on the counter. I pull the bread out of the drawer and that's when it all starts. Kade gets upset because he wants toast and "not bread". He's pointing to the toaster which is of course where toast comes from but the mind of a two year old doesn't understand that you have to put the bread in first. After a couple minutes of his lower lip sticking out, tears streaming down his cute face, and his arms defiantly crossed (I have to get a picture of that some day) he lets me try to explain. I said that he could put the bread in and push the lever down and watch the toast be made. This calmed him down. He sat on the counter next to the toaster, not too close obviously, and watched the little orange things glow. He had looked away for a few minutes and then happened to look in the toaster right when it popped up. He jumped and said, "Dared me." Scared me. Now he is happily eating his piece of toast. Another total melt down avoided.

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Mickey Standiford said...

Good move Sweetheart! I know how determined he can get and sometimes I just give up because I have no clue what he wants from me.