Sunday, October 28, 2007

Pumpkin Carving

Last night we went out to eat at Logan's. Yum. Megan declared that we needed to celebrate the fact that she's done with soccer. I'll celebrate that. We had a good meal there. Then we ran to Walmart to get a few things and some pumpkins. I really wanted to do the pumpkin patch thing but there was no way I was taking all three by myself and then they wouldn't help out with their chores so it got nixed. Maybe next year.

Mickey said something this afternoon about needing to get them carved tonight because we will be busy the next three nights and then what's the point in doing it after Halloween? The kids were very excited. I should have gotten some video but before I knew it I was immersed up to my elbows in pumpkin innards. I ended up cleaning and carving two. Megan pretty much did her own. And Mickey worked on his own piece of art. I have pictures of everyone's but Mickey's. He didn't finish. Happy Halloween! (Just in case I don't post again before Wednesday.)

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Fifty what you say.  Today I reached the 50 mile mark towards my goal of 150!   The last few days I've really had to make myself walk.  I'm still suffering from my sinus problem (which has turned into an annoying cough and runny nose instead of pressure, I must be getting better) and I've had very little energy.  After I walk I've had no energy left.  I know it's important for me to walk (health wise as well as meeting my goal) but it's so hard when you are totally exhausted later.

I've found that I can energize myself with the right music.  I have a few different things I like to walk to.  To really get my tired self going I have to listen to the soundtrack from High School Musical 2.  I confessed this to Mickey and he told me he listens to it everyday at work.  I felt better about listening to it.  It's really gets you going, plus it's fun to sing to.  I also have a play list with various artists such as Dixie Chicks, Faith Hill, Shania Twain, Kelly Clarkson, Sheryl Crow, Barenaked Ladies, and some other artists.  This list I have set with a slower start and then the song "Get Ready to Run" starts the faster music after the warm up.  I do tire of this one.  I probably need to update it.  I also have a play list of songs from the soundtracks of the Pirate movies.  Hans Zimmer is brilliant.  The list is made up of the more moving songs and no Kraken.  This is great when I want to walk 45 minutes on the treadmill.  What do you like to listen to when you work out?

Monday, October 22, 2007

Kade's Messy Face

Tonight we had a really simple dinner: egg or chicken salad sandwiches, Baked Lays, and applesauce or carrots. (This is how we eat when Meg has practice at 6:00. Thankfully tonight was her last one.) Kade picked the blue applesauce instead of the carrots. He decided to not use his spoon at one point. This picture is what he looked like after eating the applesauce. The funny thing is that he said his face wasn't messy. I beg to differ. He's still pretty cute though.

Messy Face Kade

Fall Cards

This week I'm doing a card class with some ladies from church.  I have a lot of extra paper left over from the Super Saturday so I thought I would put it to good use.  All three cards are made from the same paper.  (That's one way to use up a supply.)  I will be showing different techniques in this class:  eyelets, distressing (with sand paper), stamping, and a form of water coloring.  Here are the cards.  Let me know what you think.  I almost feel like the "Give Thanks" one needs something.

Give Thanks

Simple Things  Thanks

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Pumpkin Treats

Tonight I made a cute and yummy treat. I was inspired by the cover of Family Circle magazine (which I can't find on line anywhere so sorry no link). We all love Rice Crispy treats so I thought how hard would it be to make them into pumpkins? The answer: Not hard at all. I used some red and yellow food coloring to die the marshmallow and butter mixture before adding the crispies. I shaped them into balls and stuck a half of a pretzel in the top. (My trick for non-sticky hands is to dip my hands in water before handling the mixture. They aren't soaked, just damp.) I thought it looked realistic to have some of them misshapen.

Pumpkin Treats I

Pumpkin Treats II

My Goal

Today is the end of the third week of my goal to reach 150 miles by the end of the year.  I'm happy to report that even though I've been sick most of this week I am up to 42 miles.

Friday, October 12, 2007

This Week

Since today is Friday it's a good day to review this crazy week.  Mickey has been working way too many hours on a gigantic project at work.  He worked two 12 hour days and two 18 hour days.  Lets just say that is too many for him and for me.  He had a test for his class on Tuesday.  He went to school to take it and then went back to work.  The people he's working with in marketing are treating him pretty good.  He gets lunch and dinner a lot and other little perks.

Needless to say he hasn't had much time to work on my goal counter.  I know he'll get around to it when he can.  Until then I will be sharing my mileage like this:  I'm up to 28 miles as of today.   I think I'm losing my mind but I started giving the girls piano lessons on Wednesday.  It went better than I thought it would.  Now I have to make sure they both practice.  We have two pianos, one real and one electric, so I try to make them practice at the same time to get it over with.   They don't want to practice what I assigned but what's further on in the book.  Maybe I started them too slow.  I had crop night on Thursday and no one came to crop with me.  Becca stopped by with Ella who had just visited Med Point for a split chin.  Vicky tried to call me because she was coming late but that didn't work out.  I did get my four grandma cards done for Halloween.  I also have to come up with a few more ideas and samples for a class I'm teaching on the 25th.  I'm using the same paper for 3 different cards.  This should be interesting.  I've been tired all week too.  I forgot to mention I'm reading (into the wee hours of the morning) all the Harry Potter books back to back so I can have the entire story together.  I'm at the end of book 5 right now, hopefully I'll be into 6 by Sunday.

Megan had soccer practice on Monday and other than piano lessons and practicing it's been a quiet week for her.  She did have to clean her room.  There was so much paper in it I couldn't see the floor.  She's been working on a biography for one of her school assignments.  She choose Betty to write about.  I was helping her make some changes on one of the drafts she's doing and I pointed out that a word was spelled wrong.  She didn't agree with me and I would say we had a mild argument, no yelling just butting of heads.  We're both stubborn.  She had spelled creek c-r-e-a-k.  Meg ended up calling grandma to find out the correct spelling.  Later I learned that she wasn't supposed to be correcting the spelling yet, that's another draft.  And Meg learned that when she looks something up in a dictionary she needs to look at the meaning as well as the spelling.  Any one want to swim in a creak?

Mattey was excited to start piano lessons but when she saw the book she told me it was not right.  I had no idea what she meant.  Some times it's good to give her space right after school.  Mat is our little friendly person.  I swear everywhere we go she's the one making new friends, whether it's at the library, a game, or a store.  She has been sniffing and coughing or clearing her throat so much that it's really annoying me.  Time to get her an appointment with the new doc.  Allergy meds don't work and most over the counter cold ones don't either.  It's always the same thing with her.  I suppose we should get her tested to be on the safe side.  She's had to start wearing pants to school and doesn't like it.  Today she wore a dress with tights.  That's fine with me as long as her skinny legs are covered up.

Kade is always asking "Watch movie?".  I think if I left the TV on all day he would be happy, except when he needs something to eat.  He loves several shows on the Disney Channel. He is really into trucks, balls, and duplo blocks.  I bought him a little Cars backpack when the girls started school. He kept asking for one and I thought he should have one.  It's a smaller one that fits him perfectly.  There are some days he doesn't want to take it off, like at church or when we visit the girls' school.  He's slowly working on using the potty.  He does really good for a while and then he totally regresses back to not wanting anything to do with it.  He's still got a little time left before I stop buying "dawpers".

I bought Surf's Up for Family Movie Night tonight but I'm not sure if we'll watch it.  Mickey was trying to figure out how we can go see Transformers in the theater.  And tomorrow Meg's got an early game so we will be at the fair grounds watching her play.  Then my mom was trying to recruit people to work on Bryan's house.  Mickey may go help out.  I wouldn't mind helping but I don't have anywhere to drop the kids.  I would really like to go to the pumpkin patch but I just found out there's no school next Friday so that might be a good day to go.

That about sums up our week.  Have a good weekend everyone.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A Fall Day

The leaves are dressing themselves in different hues and starting to fall to the ground.  The weather is cooling off.  (We've had record highs the last few days.)  The crisp breeze is blowing.  The smell of Fall is in the air.  (The good one, not the smell of burning leaves.  Not yet anyway.)  I noticed all this on my bike ride this morning.  I saw today could be one of the last nice days left this year.  I had to get out and take advantage of it.  (Plus I really needed to get some mileage in.  I slacked off yesterday.)  We left around 10:30 and were gone almost 2 hours.  I didn't ride that long, only about 55 minutes.  (I got in 9 miles.  I'm now up to 23!)

We rode over to Notre Dame.  The leaves there aren't changing as fast as our tree is, maybe once the temp drops.  (Then I'll go back for pictures.)

Glowing Tree I

We rode past some diggers and tractors working on what looks like a softball field.  Kade, who was riding in the trailer, was thrilled to see the machinery.  We also rode around the stadium.  It was so quiet there.  No need to do any celebrating I guess.  I didn't go too far onto campus because I wanted to avoid all the student traffic.  We did take a little break, Kade wanted out, by the Jordan Science building and the Athletic Complex.

Taking a Break

I told Kade we could go to a park as part of our ride.  Our city is weird.  The sidewalks can start and stop several times on one road.  To get to the part I wanted to stop at required us to basically go back home before getting to our destination.  (I don't ride on all the busy streets.  Too stressful.)  We went to the little playground in the back of Edison school.  It was quiet with only one other mom and child there.  But then a special ed. class came out for recess.  I was a little worried they might run over Kade but he kept his distance from the big kids.  He didn't want anything to do with the other little kid either but he did say hi to him.  I think he enjoyed playing on his own, swinging on his tummy and going down the slides.  (There are no picutres due to the graffiti on the play set.  I don't need four letter words in my pictures!)

I'm going to have to make sure I get out enough to enjoy the rest of this beautiful Autumn.  I'm sure I'll be raking soon enough.  Maybe we can go to the pumpkin patch on Saturday.  Hint, hint.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Watching Conference

This morning we watched a session of conference at home.  There are a few things that we need to make this happen.  First, we have to have the BYU channel through the dish.  Second, we need to have some kind of sweet treat to eat during conference.  Third, the kids need something to keep them as quiet as possible.  Mickey printed out some church pictures for the kids to color.  And for me I need a comfy place to sit and a mindless knitting project.

What I heard during conference was good.  (The music was great.)  It didn't go as well as we hoped with the kids.  Who can blame them? I had tried to get Kade to nap before it started, he got up too early today, but he didn't fall asleep until the last 5 minutes.  So he was kind of grouchy and all over the place causing trouble.  Mattey and Megan did fairly well.  We expect them to be in the room absorbing some of what's being said while they color and then we really make them listen when President Hinckley speaks.  By this time I was laying in bed with Kade and I think they were having some trouble doing that.  One more session to go.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Non-Stop Tuesday

Let me first say that Tuesdays are like most people's Mondays for me.  I drag most of the day.  This day was just go, go, go.  First I had to get the girls up for school.  They had a late start because they didn't want to get out of bed.  After they got on the bus I debated if I was going to workout then or later.  I had a 10:00 appt. with the dentist.  I opted to push the work out to a later time.  I got myself and Kade ready to go.  I dropped Kade off at my mom's and rushed over to the dentist's office.  I had to take a little detour because part of Colfax was closed due to the fact there was an enormous crane in the middle of the street.

I had a good cleaning and x-rays at the dentist.  I found out I will be getting a $50 gift card in the mail because I had referred someone.  How nice is that?  I then left to get Kade.  My mom and I chatted a little but I couldn't stay long.  Half a day of school.  I swear the school corp comes up with all kinds of reasons why the kids can't have full days of school.  I got home about 10 minutes before they got off the bus.  But I was downstairs doing laundry when the bus came.  Mat had to ring the bell and it freaked her out that I wasn't there waiting for her.

Meg had a playdate set up for the afternoon and Mat was a little upset she didn't have one.  (Especially because Meg kept talking about it.)  I worked it out with Betty that Mattey would spend some time with her.  So off we went again, Megan to her playday and Mattey to grandma's.  Kade was getting grouchy by the time we got home around 1:15 but it was too late to make him nap.  I still needed to workout but really didn't have the desire right then and I had other things I wanted/needed to do.

Kade settled in with a movie, of course, and I pulled out the book for the 3rd Pirates soundtrack.  We got it Monday and I hadn't had a lot of time to go through it yet.  I sat and played through the entire book with one phone call in the middle somewhere.  While I was playing I noticed how dusty the piano was.  Well that started to bug me.  After I had finished the book I got out the Pledge, the vacuum, and the Windex.  I gave the living room a good cleaning.  If only I would have had the energy to tackle the messy kitchen floor.  I did sweep it but it still looks bad.  Another day.

Meg got dropped off at 3:40.  She quickly had a snack and brushed her teeth.  She had an appointment with Dr. Wong, her orthodontist, at 4:00.  He said her bite is looking good but he wants to have one of her molars pulled out.  At her last appt. he pulled out the molar on the opposite side.  It was loose, broken, and the new tooth was coming in so it wasn't a problem but he said he wasn't brave enough to pull out this other one.  We'll have to go back to Dr. Johns.  He's the one we started with but since he had to do all that "bad" stuff to Meg she didn't want to go back to him.  I'm sure she's over that now.

We got home and Megan had to get her homework done.  I had to stay on her for this to happen.  She gets a little distracted sometimes.  Mickey had class and I had asked him to pick Mat up on his way home, to save me a trip.  Swanson was having a fund raiser at Chick-Fil-A.  Once Mickey and Mat came home (it was close to 6:00) we flew over there for dinner.  Mike joined us.  Megan had to eat fast because she had Activity Days at 6:30.  She left with grandpa because he had scouts at church too.  The rest of us finished up our ice cream, which I didn't think was very good, and then we went home. Mat had to get in the bath. Kade was totally ready for bed.  I still hadn't worked out!

Mickey left to get Meg from Activity Days and I put the reds to bed.  Kade was asleep in no time.  Mat never is.  I left her with her Aurther story playing in the tape player.  I started a load of laundry and changed into my workout attire.  I finally started my walking a little after 8:00.  I got my 3 miles in and did about 200 crunches.  Then it was time to watch The Unit with Mickey.  I took a muscle relaxer and read for a while in bed and finally the day was over.  I don't like Tuesdays.  They always seem to be crazy around here.

Saturday Roadtrip

Saturday morning Meg had another soccer game.  (Again I didn't make it.  Kade slept in until 10:30!  He never does that.)  Megan blocked all the balls that came her way while playing goalie.  Her team lost 1-0 but we don't really keep score yet.  After she showered and we all had lunch we got in the van to start our trip to IKEA.

The kids did fairly well on the drive, thanks to the DVD player.  We did have some backed up traffic due to construction but it wasn't too bad, we were always moving.  On the way we drove past the home of the White Sox (US Cellular Field) and the Sears Tower. We only had one pit stop and that was at a park with no paper products or soap.  Good thing I brought Kleenex with us and I always have hand sanitizer.  The next stop was IKEA.

This store is three stories high.  There was a huge lobby with bathrooms, a few displays, catalogs, and maps.  The kids and I all grabbed a map and up the escalator we went to the second floor.  This floor had beds, bedding, lighting, office furniture, and children's items.  I found some lamps for our bedroom and some energy saving lightbulbs.  And we had to get more bowls and cups for the kids.  They love the IKEA cups and bowls.

The kids couldn't wait to get to the third floor.  Megan wanted ice cream so badly.  We found the restaurant and had some dinner.  We had a variety of foods:  Swedish meatballs, mac and cheese, soup, and chicken fingers.  All of it was good. The ice cream wasn't sold at the restaurant so we shared a piece of chocolate cake.  It was alright, it wasn't mine.  I had some lingonberry juice to drink, that was yummy.

After filling our bellies we had enough energy to shop the third floor.  This included dining and living rooms, the kitchen, art, and storage.  In the art section Kade found a wooden artist's mannequin that he wouldn't put down.  He was eventually named Woody so we had to buy him.  (We plan for him to make a regular appearance on our website in the near future.)  This is the floor where I found a colander, a cast iron grill pan, a picture frame, more cutting mats, and the most important thing, my chair.  We all tried them out and Mickey thought it was comfy too.  I decided on the medium brown finish with a dark blue cushion.  (Right now it's in an awkward spot in the living room because I don't know where to put it.)

We headed downstairs to the warehouse to find the chair.  (There are escalators for the carts!)  That was easy.  Then we went to the self checkout.  Very quick.  Right after checking out we spotted the Swedish gift shop.  They sell all kinds of things there.  The big thing for the kids was the frozen yogurt.  The vanilla was really good.  The hot item for Mickey and I was the cinnamon rolls.  We bought two boxes, one for the ride home and the other for Sunday morning.  We have to say these are the best cinnamon rolls I've ever had, and probably the fattiest.  I also got a jar of lingonberry preserves.

Once we were done with IKEA we headed over to the Woodfield Mall.  It's about 5 minutes away.  Mickey wanted to see what was going on at the Apple Store.  Surprisingly he didn't buy anything.  The kids each had some spending money.  Mattey bought a locket with Troy from High School Musical on it.  Megan bought Pokemon cards.  Kade bought a set of Diego duplo blocks.

We didn't have too much traffic going home.  We stopped at the Skyway McDonald's for a potty break and a late dinner, I guess you'd call it that.  We didn't get home until after 12.  Kade had fallen asleep in the car.  He transfered right to bed.  That was great.  This trip was pretty good.  I think everyone enjoyed themselves.  Maybe the next trip will have to be an educational one.  Don't forget the pictures.

Monday, October 1, 2007

A New Goal

Today is the day. I'm starting a new goal. I'm posting it here thinking I will have a better chance of succeeding. I had a goal at the beginning of this year to do a makeover: body, mind, and spirit. I was doing pretty good but the steam ran out. (A year's a long time.) Plus I had an achy body that didn't want me to workout so that seemed to bring a halt to everything.

I've decided I'm going to do 150 miles before the end of the year. I will be using the treadmill and elliptical to accomplish this. Mickey's writing a program so I can put a counter on the website to let you know how I'm doing. (Don't expect pictures because Kade's the only one around when I work out and he would cut off my head. See dinner fun for evidence.) The only reasons I can foresee for not accomplishing my goal are if I get sick for a long time or if I have more physical therapy for an existing condition and am told not to exercise. I really hope neither of those things happen.

So check back often to see how I'm doing. Leave me words of encouragement if you want. (If you haven't registered to leave comments yet it's easy.) And if you want to have a similar goal let me know and we can support each other. Here's to a healthier end of the year and (hopefully) a few less pounds.