Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Non-Stop Tuesday

Let me first say that Tuesdays are like most people's Mondays for me.  I drag most of the day.  This day was just go, go, go.  First I had to get the girls up for school.  They had a late start because they didn't want to get out of bed.  After they got on the bus I debated if I was going to workout then or later.  I had a 10:00 appt. with the dentist.  I opted to push the work out to a later time.  I got myself and Kade ready to go.  I dropped Kade off at my mom's and rushed over to the dentist's office.  I had to take a little detour because part of Colfax was closed due to the fact there was an enormous crane in the middle of the street.

I had a good cleaning and x-rays at the dentist.  I found out I will be getting a $50 gift card in the mail because I had referred someone.  How nice is that?  I then left to get Kade.  My mom and I chatted a little but I couldn't stay long.  Half a day of school.  I swear the school corp comes up with all kinds of reasons why the kids can't have full days of school.  I got home about 10 minutes before they got off the bus.  But I was downstairs doing laundry when the bus came.  Mat had to ring the bell and it freaked her out that I wasn't there waiting for her.

Meg had a playdate set up for the afternoon and Mat was a little upset she didn't have one.  (Especially because Meg kept talking about it.)  I worked it out with Betty that Mattey would spend some time with her.  So off we went again, Megan to her playday and Mattey to grandma's.  Kade was getting grouchy by the time we got home around 1:15 but it was too late to make him nap.  I still needed to workout but really didn't have the desire right then and I had other things I wanted/needed to do.

Kade settled in with a movie, of course, and I pulled out the book for the 3rd Pirates soundtrack.  We got it Monday and I hadn't had a lot of time to go through it yet.  I sat and played through the entire book with one phone call in the middle somewhere.  While I was playing I noticed how dusty the piano was.  Well that started to bug me.  After I had finished the book I got out the Pledge, the vacuum, and the Windex.  I gave the living room a good cleaning.  If only I would have had the energy to tackle the messy kitchen floor.  I did sweep it but it still looks bad.  Another day.

Meg got dropped off at 3:40.  She quickly had a snack and brushed her teeth.  She had an appointment with Dr. Wong, her orthodontist, at 4:00.  He said her bite is looking good but he wants to have one of her molars pulled out.  At her last appt. he pulled out the molar on the opposite side.  It was loose, broken, and the new tooth was coming in so it wasn't a problem but he said he wasn't brave enough to pull out this other one.  We'll have to go back to Dr. Johns.  He's the one we started with but since he had to do all that "bad" stuff to Meg she didn't want to go back to him.  I'm sure she's over that now.

We got home and Megan had to get her homework done.  I had to stay on her for this to happen.  She gets a little distracted sometimes.  Mickey had class and I had asked him to pick Mat up on his way home, to save me a trip.  Swanson was having a fund raiser at Chick-Fil-A.  Once Mickey and Mat came home (it was close to 6:00) we flew over there for dinner.  Mike joined us.  Megan had to eat fast because she had Activity Days at 6:30.  She left with grandpa because he had scouts at church too.  The rest of us finished up our ice cream, which I didn't think was very good, and then we went home. Mat had to get in the bath. Kade was totally ready for bed.  I still hadn't worked out!

Mickey left to get Meg from Activity Days and I put the reds to bed.  Kade was asleep in no time.  Mat never is.  I left her with her Aurther story playing in the tape player.  I started a load of laundry and changed into my workout attire.  I finally started my walking a little after 8:00.  I got my 3 miles in and did about 200 crunches.  Then it was time to watch The Unit with Mickey.  I took a muscle relaxer and read for a while in bed and finally the day was over.  I don't like Tuesdays.  They always seem to be crazy around here.


Mickey Standiford said...

I agree, Tuesdays are long and busy days. I did talk to Meg about going to see Dr. Johns and having him pull out her tooth. I told her that since she is bigger and braver that she probably won't have to have the bad smelling stuff (the laughing gas they used to use on her to try and calm her down). She said the whole office smells bad.

Janel said...

What a day. Thank goodness for Chick-fil-a to finish it off with. You deserved it! I wish we had the excuse of helping Swanson to indulge ourselves in a little Chick-fil-a! And, of course, a trip to said restaurant requires about 3 miles and 200 crunches to work off all those tasty waffle fries. Way to go, Kelly.

Kelly said...

I hope you're sitting down, Janel, I don't like the waffle fries. Too much potato for me. I do order what I would think would be the healthier sandwich. The chargrilled chicken on a wheat bun with tomato and lettuce. Don't tell me if this isn't really healthier. I have to think something on the menu is. And it's so good.