Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Saturday Roadtrip

Saturday morning Meg had another soccer game.  (Again I didn't make it.  Kade slept in until 10:30!  He never does that.)  Megan blocked all the balls that came her way while playing goalie.  Her team lost 1-0 but we don't really keep score yet.  After she showered and we all had lunch we got in the van to start our trip to IKEA.

The kids did fairly well on the drive, thanks to the DVD player.  We did have some backed up traffic due to construction but it wasn't too bad, we were always moving.  On the way we drove past the home of the White Sox (US Cellular Field) and the Sears Tower. We only had one pit stop and that was at a park with no paper products or soap.  Good thing I brought Kleenex with us and I always have hand sanitizer.  The next stop was IKEA.

This store is three stories high.  There was a huge lobby with bathrooms, a few displays, catalogs, and maps.  The kids and I all grabbed a map and up the escalator we went to the second floor.  This floor had beds, bedding, lighting, office furniture, and children's items.  I found some lamps for our bedroom and some energy saving lightbulbs.  And we had to get more bowls and cups for the kids.  They love the IKEA cups and bowls.

The kids couldn't wait to get to the third floor.  Megan wanted ice cream so badly.  We found the restaurant and had some dinner.  We had a variety of foods:  Swedish meatballs, mac and cheese, soup, and chicken fingers.  All of it was good. The ice cream wasn't sold at the restaurant so we shared a piece of chocolate cake.  It was alright, it wasn't mine.  I had some lingonberry juice to drink, that was yummy.

After filling our bellies we had enough energy to shop the third floor.  This included dining and living rooms, the kitchen, art, and storage.  In the art section Kade found a wooden artist's mannequin that he wouldn't put down.  He was eventually named Woody so we had to buy him.  (We plan for him to make a regular appearance on our website in the near future.)  This is the floor where I found a colander, a cast iron grill pan, a picture frame, more cutting mats, and the most important thing, my chair.  We all tried them out and Mickey thought it was comfy too.  I decided on the medium brown finish with a dark blue cushion.  (Right now it's in an awkward spot in the living room because I don't know where to put it.)

We headed downstairs to the warehouse to find the chair.  (There are escalators for the carts!)  That was easy.  Then we went to the self checkout.  Very quick.  Right after checking out we spotted the Swedish gift shop.  They sell all kinds of things there.  The big thing for the kids was the frozen yogurt.  The vanilla was really good.  The hot item for Mickey and I was the cinnamon rolls.  We bought two boxes, one for the ride home and the other for Sunday morning.  We have to say these are the best cinnamon rolls I've ever had, and probably the fattiest.  I also got a jar of lingonberry preserves.

Once we were done with IKEA we headed over to the Woodfield Mall.  It's about 5 minutes away.  Mickey wanted to see what was going on at the Apple Store.  Surprisingly he didn't buy anything.  The kids each had some spending money.  Mattey bought a locket with Troy from High School Musical on it.  Megan bought Pokemon cards.  Kade bought a set of Diego duplo blocks.

We didn't have too much traffic going home.  We stopped at the Skyway McDonald's for a potty break and a late dinner, I guess you'd call it that.  We didn't get home until after 12.  Kade had fallen asleep in the car.  He transfered right to bed.  That was great.  This trip was pretty good.  I think everyone enjoyed themselves.  Maybe the next trip will have to be an educational one.  Don't forget the pictures.

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Janel said...

I'm glad you made it to IKEA, and that your favorite chair was approved by Mickey. How did IKEA know those fun little beds would be SO attractive to kids? We get stuck there every time while Sage plays Goldilocks and tries them all out. She loves the ones Kade and Mattey tried out. I hope you had wet wipes to clean up the kids after the cinnamon rolls!