Sunday, October 7, 2007

Watching Conference

This morning we watched a session of conference at home.  There are a few things that we need to make this happen.  First, we have to have the BYU channel through the dish.  Second, we need to have some kind of sweet treat to eat during conference.  Third, the kids need something to keep them as quiet as possible.  Mickey printed out some church pictures for the kids to color.  And for me I need a comfy place to sit and a mindless knitting project.

What I heard during conference was good.  (The music was great.)  It didn't go as well as we hoped with the kids.  Who can blame them? I had tried to get Kade to nap before it started, he got up too early today, but he didn't fall asleep until the last 5 minutes.  So he was kind of grouchy and all over the place causing trouble.  Mattey and Megan did fairly well.  We expect them to be in the room absorbing some of what's being said while they color and then we really make them listen when President Hinckley speaks.  By this time I was laying in bed with Kade and I think they were having some trouble doing that.  One more session to go.

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kellymear said...

Ok, my computer was having some difficulties the past few weeks apparently, because every time I cheked this site the latest post was the back to school and a new doctor one. Then all of a sudden today there is a ton! And this happened on another friend's blog as well. . . any idea why Mickey? Well, regardless of why, I just spent the last hour or so catching up on the reading and looking at your pictures (my poor neglected kids. . .) and I love it all! I feel like I've just been hanging out with you! I miss you guys and I miss South Bend and Notre Dame and all the beauticul fall colors!! Kelly- I'm so impressed with your workout and your motivation- I'm inspired! Keep it up! Alright, I'll be a more active reader now. :)