Sunday, November 4, 2007

Goal Mileage

My mileage total for five weeks is 63 miles. Not bad. I am starting to notice very subtle changes in my legs. In addition to walking I do a few toning exercises to keep my knees happy. (I also do some weights for the upper body.) I've been using the elliptical a lot more than the treadmill. Mostly due to the fact that I can't actually get to the treadmill because of the kids' mess. And I don't want to clean it. I have found that the elliptical doesn't aggravate my pre-existing muscle problems like the bike and treadmill can. I have to show a few pictures of the toy room. Don't freak out. I have given up caring about it. One day I'm sure I'll get fed up and I'll put everything in the trash or a goodwill box

Our Toy Room

The Treadmill



Janel said...

Impressive that you have 63 miles, considering the number of toys surrounding the treadmill...that could make running potentially treacherous! You never know where a little train or plastic piece of kitchen food will turn up. Still loving the paint job, though. Nice work. And fun new layout for your website.

kellymear said...

One of my favorite things about our house is that we have a playroom. One of my least favorite things about our house is that we have a playroom! I love that all the toys can be in there, but I HATE that it's always a disaster! I'm glad to know yours is a wreck too! :)

becca said...

hey, this is what the playroom looked like when we were there. no biggie. that is what they are for!! i think i might want a treadmill, but I dont want the kids to mess with it. so i guess i will just walk around the block. :) well done on your 63 miles!