Friday, November 2, 2007

Halloween is FINALLY over

I have recovered enough strength to finally post Halloween stories. Three days of Halloween is too much. Are people trying to make it be drawn out like Christmas? I'll recap that Sunday night we carved pumpkins which leads us to Monday. We had a family home evening at Jan and Doc's with lots of family. I spent my day trying to get treats done but then ended up spending a few hours in a way I didn't plan so all my treats didn't get made. There were enough so I didn't need to worry about it. We had a quick dinner, got the kids in costumes, and drove over to the Kiester's. We had a good time there. The kids chowed down on all kinds of treats. Jenny and Tim had to leave early since Jack wasn't too happy. I think the mask that got passed around was Jack's. It was funny to see everyone trying it on and of course we got pictures.

On Monday I also wanted to get some cookies made for Mickey's Tuesday work party but that never happened. Mickey's entire department was transformed into a haunted hospital. With Mike's help Mickey was rather scary. I had to warn the kids he was coming home that way so they wouldn't be scared. Kade wouldn't go to him until he spoke, unsure it was really Daddy. Later Tuesday we had a Trunk-or-Treat at church. (We didn't get any pictures.) It went kind of late but the kids had fun. Mickey and I didn't go prepared with jackets. It was nice but a little chilly but it could have been a lot worse. The kids got a good haul from there and ate a few pieces of candy for their snack before bed.

Then the real Halloween came. I coordinated Mattey's class party and I forgot the camera. I don't know why I always sign up for these. I had to throw things together and make more treats. Then I had to pick Mike up from work because he watched Kade until Betty got home. Then I flew over to school. Really wish I had a broom to avoid all that traffic. Mattey's party was nice and mellow. They ate and then played a few games of Bingo. I think they had fun. Everyone got a goodie bag as well. I think that's the best part, taking something home. There was enough food leftover that they were going to use it on Thursday and Friday too. Meg had her class party too. I only did drinks for that. After school I took the girls to pick up Kade. As soon as I walked out of school my head really started hurting. I was also a little tired. After I talked everyone into leaving Grandma's we came home. Thanks to the teachers for not giving the girls home work. By the time Mickey got home from work I was laying in bed resting and the kids were already bouncing off the walls. We got them in their costumes and packed a bag and the bike trailer/jogger stroller in the van.

Vampire Megan

Queen Mattey

Superman - a.k.a. Kade

We ran over to my parents' and grandma's house before driving over to Jan and Doc's neighborhood for some good treats. We Trick-or-Treated for about an hour. Kade had a few meltdowns, he even tried to hit a lady with his bag because she talked to him while he was grouchy. How embarrassing! He was in the stroller for a while after that, not getting any candy. Every once in a while we would get a little sprinkle of rain and some wind but the weather wasn't too bad. The kids had fun and got a lot of candy. I need to go through it and take some out for lunches and get rid of the stuff they won't eat. I think the kids had a good Halloween. That's the important thing, right?


Mickey Standiford said...

Yeah that was a lot of Halloween action all packed into 3 days. Tuesday's events at work were a lot of fun. Our department actually "won" the participation award. Here's what the Fun Committee had to say, "Bragging rights are to be given to IT for Our Lady of Hopelessness. They had nearly 200 visitors in their area yesterday. They proved that Press Ganey has the most unique and creative IT department around." One thing missing from this post was the fact that I also went to school on Tuesday, all dressed up to take a test. My teacher was surprised at my costume and also the time it took me to finish the test. I was out of there in twenty minutes and I got a 100% on the test. Good stuff!

Kelly said...

Sorry I forgot to mention your test. I'm proud of you for getting 100%. Just a few weeks left of class, right?

Janel said...

Wow. Halloween is no joke for the Standifords. It looked like Megan was dressing up as Amanda in that picture with the mask. The only thing missing was seeing Kelly in costume, and Mickey's pumpkin. Of course Mattey would be a queen. And about Kade almost hitting the lady...that happened to us with our grumpy 3-year-old. Why are we celebrating this holiday again? So we can see what kids are like with sugar overdoses and not enough sleep? My favorite part is that Mickey took a test in his costume. Nice!

Kelly said...

Sorry no costume for me this year. Aren't I scary enough? Maybe next year I can come up with something. Any ideas?
I've gone through the candy without complaints from the kids. The girls were happy to give up some of their candy for lunches. I have two gallon size ziplocs full of lunch candy. And after throwing our what they wouldn't eat there is still a huge bowl full left for them to graze on.