Monday, November 5, 2007

Keeping the Tooth Fairy Busy

For days or weeks Mattey has had a loose tooth just hanging. She could push it forward with her tongue and close her mouth leaving the tooth on the outside of her lips. It looked funny but she didn't want any pictures of it. Since it was so loose I asked her if I could pull it out. I don't get the honor very often. She said no. Later the kids went downstairs to play and the next thing you know the tooth is out. Then tragedy struck. She lost it. This isn't the first time either. The last one that came out got lost and was never found. Why must she play with it? This time I found it and put it up until bedtime. She was happy this morning when the Tooth Fairy had brought her a dollar.

Mattey's Holey Mouth

Today Megan came home saying, "Look at this." She had lost a tooth too. I didn't realize she had one ready to come out. Come to find out she had worked on it during school. I'm sure the Tooth Fairy will visit again tonight. She may need a loan soon.

Megan's Holey Mouth

Kade has been wanting to get in the action too. He's been telling us he has a loose tooth also. I gave them a little wiggle and told him they won't be coming out any time soon. But he has gotten all four of his two year molars in the last few months. He has proudly showed them off to anyone who wanted to take a look.


kellymear said...

$1 for a tooth?!! Is that what the tooth fairy is paying these days? DANG! What happened to the days of the nice shiney nickle? Good thing no one will be losing teeth here for at least 2 more years so the tooth fairy has time to start saving up. . . . :)

I was a little nervous there that you were going to say that Kade knocked out a tooth or something- glad they're all stable for now.

Kelly said...

I remember getting a quarter for my teeth. I think it's inflation or something. Some of the kids at school, according to the girls, get $2 up to $5. Now that's too much for a little tooth.

Megan has an appointment to get a tooth pulled next week. It doesn't want to come out and the other one is right there. So the Tooth Fairy will be back again.

Janel said...

My sister, Danielle, thinks Mattey looks like Kelly in that picture. Nice work in the teeth department. It seems like whenever Danielle or I lost a tooth, my oldest sister, Krista, would begin wiggling hers furiously, so as to not be the only one without a present from the tooth fairy. This is not a great policy, I don't think. Hopefully Kade doesn't get too anxious.

becca said...

cute pictures!! no tooth fairy here yet either. but for those prices, i will start pulling my own teeth. does a root canal count?

Mickey, love the look here of the bloggy. Did Kelly help? It matches your guys' office area. Sorta, with the bluish, greyish, purpleish, touch of black feel.

my updates wont be as exciting. i made a christmas playlist and will post some scrappy stuff, so kelly, you can check it out. i will try to work on it today. :)

becca said...

kelly, dont worry, the christmas music is only up for about a week. I will post about it later, but then i will have some new selections of non seasonal music for the inbetween time before the holidays really start! :)