Thursday, December 13, 2007

Ornery Little Stinker

Last week Kade started getting sick. Wednesday he said his chin hurt while holding his neck. Thursday he had a tummy ache and got about 3-4 Tums out of me. Thursday night he threw up. Friday he wasn't doing much better but was still running around and acting mostly normal. Then Friday night he says his ear hurts. That's the one I was waiting for. What do you do when your kid is sick on a Friday night? We gave him ibuprofen for the pain and took him to see Aunt Jan the next morning. Yes he had an ear infection. He got a script for an antibiotic and took it fine on Saturday. Sunday he refused to take it. We forced it in, half of it coming back out when he spit. Monday I didn't want to fight with him again so I kept patiently trying to get him to take it. Monday afternoon I started withholding things he wanted to do or have in an attempt to get him to take his medicine. No luck. By dinner time I was getting frustrated. I told him he needed to take it or go to the corner. He happily chose the corner. He was there while we ate dinner. I went to peek at him because he was so quiet and look what I found.

Kade sleeping

He had fallen asleep on the floor and was snoring. (Don't ask about what he's wearing.) And the cute part you can't see, and I didn't see it until I put him in his bed, his lower lip was still sticking out from pouting. He slept all night. I took him to the doctor on Tuesday because his throat didn't look right and he said the medicine hurt his throat. The doctor said it was inflamed but didn't look bad and his ear was looking pretty good already. He said we should try to get him to take one more dose of the antibiotic. Yeah right. We tried putting it in his pink milk but he knew. He wouldn't drink it. I gave up. If he has to go back in two weeks I'm asking for the shot.

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BettyS said...

They say the kids are coming down "stronger". I guess you got one of the most valiant! Hope he's feeling much better soon. Love you all!