Saturday, December 22, 2007

Snowy Sunday

This is almost a week late but oh well. Last Saturday night and Sunday morning a winter storm blew through and left several inches of snow. It wasn't really that bad but we got a call that church was canceled. The kids were happy and I was happy that I hadn't put on my pantyhose or makeup yet. The kids really wanted to go outside and play in the snow. Mickey, being the great dad that he is, took them out. I took pictures from the step and watched from the couch as I knitted. (I never said I was a great mom.) They had so much fun. They started with building a fort. It didn't get very big since the snow wasn't really the packing kind.

Working Together

Then Mickey blew up the snow tube/sled thing. He loaded all three kids on it and pulled them around. After the second turn he was already running out of steam.

Mickey pulling all three kids

The kids played outside for maybe an hour or more. They came in with red faces and cold hands. Time for hot chocolate. Somehow we kept busy the rest of the day, I can't remember right now. Here are a few more pictures from that snowy Sunday.


Janel said...

Looks like Mickey would have made a good pioneer in the handcart company! That was a great snow day.

Mickey Standiford said...

I don't know, I didn't last very long. I might have made it to the next closest city but as for making it all the way to Salt Lake, I'm not so sure.

Janel said...

Yeah, we've noticed that it's hard for you to get to SL. We're still hoping, though, and there's still an invitation!