Thursday, January 17, 2008

More Layouts

I've been working on a layout all day. I don't know how many interruptions I had, too many to keep track. I tried to get Kade busy with his own scissors, paper, markers, and glue stick but he's different from the girls. He only lasted about 10 minutes and didn't like the sticky glue stick. After what feels like hours of work I finally finished ONE layout. Here it is. (Again it's not my best work, that would take about 3 days to do. And sorry about the light bulb glare. Anyone have pointers about how to take a picture without the glare?)

Tennis Anyone?

This one is a blast from the past, c. summer 2004. This is Meg before kindergarten, before adult teeth, and before glasses or braces.

I found another layout in Meg's book when I put this one away. I had forgotten about it. I'm proud of the work here so I thought I'd share it. In case you can't read the title it's called "Wild Child with the Face of an Angel". I like the little tear detail and that I stamped on the pictures. I was brave and it turned out great.

Wild Child with the Face of an Angel

And this next one is for Becca (when she comes out of the dark). This is the page I did of our strawberry picking outing last summer. I love the vibrant colors. I used pictures of the berries to cut out my title letters. When I pulled this out tonight I really wanted a piece of the pie. (It was so delicious!)

Strawberry Picking


kellymear said...

These are all great- way to go wonderwoman! :) I especially love "Wild Child with the Face of an Angel," because that is SO Megan! I miss you guys, dang it. Some wild children can be annoying, but we were always so entertained by your girls. They're hilarious! Kade was too young to be wild back then, but I'm sure I'd love him too. I guess your kids are just destined to be great because they come from good stock.

Mickey Standiford said...

I'm glad to hear that our children's wildness can provide someone entertainment. Great work Sweetheart! Your work on preserving memories is truly amazing. Now to find a good way (meaning something technical of course) to preserve those memories.

Kelly said...

I suppose our kids are entertaining and fun if you don't live with the wildness and noise 24/7. Kelly, I would love to see your kids in action for a few days. Ella was so darling and still is but I don't know the boys at all. We'll really have to consider a visit but the girls being in school kind of gets in the way.

Isn't getting pictures of the pages a start to technically preserving them? We'd have a ton more pictures if we did that.

becca said...

these are great kelly!! They are all very cute! You know I know nothing about wild children... eh hem.