Saturday, January 12, 2008

Scrapbook Pages

Here are the two layouts I worked on this week. I said I would post the good ones but I don't think these rank as good. Right now I'm in the "just get it done" mode. I'm just happy to have two done and hopefully this will get my creative juices flowing so soon I will have good layouts. Now that I'm done for this week I'm sure I'll be spending a few hours trying to pick out what I want to work on next. We have too many photos to choose from. It's really bad to get so far behind.

Teeth Cleaning

Stretch the Giraffe

Sorry, I don't know why the pictures are dark. I'm too tired right now to play around with the color in iPhoto. The Teeth Cleaning layout was inspired by a Becky Higgins sketch from her book Creative Sketches. I started the giraffe one last year and I don't remember where I got the idea from, probably one of Becky's. I really want her new book but I can't find it anywhere. It's back ordered everywhere I check. I guess it's good and they didn't print enough. I think I'll place my order with Amazon and hope it comes in soon.

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becca said...

these are awesome!!

oh and I forgot I was going to tell you what I do about the flash/glare issue. I take the photo with no flash. Then I use this photo editing software, called Picasa. You can download it for free - ask Mickey first! :) (I always ask erick before downloading junk) and it has some buttons that brighten the pic, so it looks like I took them in daylight, but they were not. just a thought. (a long one)