Saturday, January 26, 2008

This Week's Layouts

This week I got the brilliant idea to do layouts with the Christmas cards I've made. (Last year's card was staring at me while I was lifting my weights. I also needed to clean off the shelves above my desk and that's where it was sitting.) I found cards, pictures, and new letters from the last four years and put it all together. Here they are:

Christmas 2004Christmas 2005

Christmas 2006Christmas 2007

I feel like I cheated a little but I did do all the work, just not this week. I figure this kind of stuff needs to be documented also. After all I can't keep all my cards in a box.

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kellymear said...

Awesome- great idea! We got married in December, so we got all sorts of Christmas-y wedding gifts, one of which was a Christmas scrapbook that says "A Mear Christmas" and has our engagement picture on the front. It just had empty sheet protectors in the middle. I have made that into a book to keep our family Christmas cards/letters. It's so fun to pull it out each year and look back at them. And it's always so easy to put those pages together! Actually, I think that's the only scrapbook page I've done in the past 13 months (pathetic, I know!).