Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Another Layout

I've been really bad that last two weeks with my scrapbooking goal. (I was thinking since I did four a few weeks ago that I could slide two of them into the next week. Lame, I know.) This last week I finished one layout. I really finished it on Sunday but to me that's the end of the week and not the beginning. The layout is from when Mattey was in the hospital in 2005. I'm glad to get that one done and put away. It's something you want to remember but not relive. (In fact Mattey got very sad when she saw the pictures of herself.) I was happy to find that I had written about it on the blog so I could look back and get info. My memory is terrible. Here it is.

Hospital Stay


becca said...

good job on getting another page done! you will be glad years and years from now that you recorded this event, even though its not the most fun memory, its still a memory. I love all the little tabs!

Janel said...

You are tearing it up with the layouts! Good job. They look great. And I feel super unproductive (and uncreative) in my life every time you pump out a new one!