Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Last Few Weeks

We have been very bad about blogging the last few weeks. It's been kind of a whirlwind here. We've also had some internet problems, getting on that is. I'll give a brief account of what's been going on so I can feel like I caught up and can start fresh with tomorrow. (This account will try to be in order but don't count on it.)

A few weekends ago Mickey finally got the shelves put up in the toy room. I've been waiting for almost a year. He called his dad and they did it together. The kids love that they can get at the games now. I'm not sure if I like it yet. I didn't get pictures of them at work because I was working on my own shelves. I found some great little vases/jars at Hobby Lobby and I filled them with my ribbons. It looks good and I actually use my ribbon more. Here are the pictures. (Notice the transformers on the top shelf. That's the only place where Kade can't get them.)

Toy Room ShelvesKelly's Shelves

The girls have been taking piano lessons for a month now. Meg is flying through her first book. Mat's doing pretty good too when I can get her to practice and not get angry with me. Their teacher is so patient with them.

Megan's LessonMattey's Lesson

Megan signed up for softball again at East Side. She has try outs on March 29th. I don't think it will be warm enough to do try outs. We could still have snow then. We'll see. Anyone want to buy some raffle tickets?

Mickey took Kade on a date to Mega Play (there's not a good website for this). Kade wanted to play golf. They had a good time. Kade was golfing all over the place. After golf they went to Dairy Queen for some ice cream. Here are the pictures.

The next weekend Mickey and I went to visit his grandparents for our date. I stopped at Martin's for a roasted chicken and some other things. We had a nice little dinner with them and then played Pinochle. It had been a while since I last played. For some reason this game doesn't stay in my head. I got a quick run through and then the play started. The guys beat us girls pretty badly. I hope that score card got burnt.

Then Valentine's Day came and went. The day before I got special delivery. A box of tulips and a box of chocolates. Mickey also gave me the soundtrack from The Holiday. (Another great score by Hans Zimmer.) I thought we had agreed not to get each other anything. When I mentioned that to Mickey he said "Today's not Valentine's day, is it?" I made some Valentine Rice Krispie treats. We gave the kids each a box of chocolates. That won't happen again, they weren't very good, the chocolate that is. Next year we're buying Fanny May chocolate. After piano lessons we went out to dinner at Logan's Roadhouse. There was a long wait so we decided to stay in the van and read. The girls are participating in an "I Love to Read"contest and we have to keep track of their minutes reading. That made the waiting go faster. We had a great waiter at Logan's. He talked Mickey into getting the lobster and steak dinner, a Valentine's Day special. The kids were pretty good while we were there and we were there for a long time. Then it was home and bed time. My favorite time of the day. Here are the pictures.

Mattey had a trip to the dentist for a cleaning. Jackie, our wonderful hygienist, was surprised that at 6 Mattey already has 11 permanent teeth. Four of them are her 6 year molars. She said most 6 years old are just starting to loose they're teeth. Mattey was proud of this fact. The next week she lost another tooth! Hopefully she'll be done for a while.

Last weekend we took the kids to Chuck E. Cheese's for our family date. They had a good time and Mickey and I survived. We got some good coupons on line so we didn't have to spend a fortune. After the kids played we went over to Kroger and got some cookies and milk. Here are some pictures.

Most of us have been sick this last week also. We've had a bad sinus infection (Mickey), a toe infection (Kelly), an ear infection along with some stomach flu (Kade), and a bad cold (Megan). I'm waiting to see what Mattey ends up with. She's doing fairly well for being the one with the weaker immune system. We all seem to be on the mend. This weekend is supposed to be a little nicer. I think I'll air out the house.

The last few movies we've watched for family movie night are "The Secret of Nimh", "The Derby Stallion", and we tried to watch "The Witches" but it was a little scary for most of our audience.

Last week was a fund raiser night for the girls' school at Max & Erma's.  We couldn't go due to all the illnesses so I ran over and bought a gift card for a later use.  (20% of all purchases with a special coupon that day were given to the school.)  Since most of us are feeling better we went last night.  The kids were really good.  Maybe they're finally learning how to behave in public.  Kade still needs some improvement but he's only 2.

I'm sure I've missed something but this pretty much sums up our last few weeks.


becca said...

I love the transformers, are those Mickey's then? Looks like my house!! You have had a lot going on the last few weeks, I sure everyone is feeling much better and you get some scrap time in!

Kelly said...

The transformers definitely aren't mine. I'm going to have to buy Mickey his own shelf to show them off.

Mickey Standiford said...

But they look so nice next to all the pretty ribbons. :-)