Thursday, February 28, 2008

More Layouts

I haven't been good with keeping up with my scrapbooking goal the last few weeks.  But two days ago I got Becky Higgins' book in the mail.  Yea!  Now I can get down to work.  Here's a page I did last week.

IMG_3546.JPG copy

Then last night I found a sketch for another layout.  I started working on it this morning and got it done.  I also found (with Mickey's help) a new way to photograph my layouts.  I think they're a lot better.  (I just noticed I didn't crop one of them that well.  You can see a sliver of my bathroom wall.  Oops.)  Here's the new layout.  I really like the way it turned out.  Thanks Becky!

IMG_3550.JPG copyIMG_3554.JPG copy

I think I'm going to put a link to my scrapbook layouts on the blog roll.  I really want to photograph all my pages in an attempt to preserve them.


Kelly said...

I love the picture of Meg and Mattey, who looks just like Kade. It's so sweet. We don't often see them like that anymore.

becca said...

these look great! I can really see a difference in your photographs of the pages. very cute! those flower stamps turned out awesome!