Friday, February 15, 2008

A New Do

Yesterday I finally talked Kade into letting me cut his hair. (It's been bugging me for a couple weeks but he didn't want it cut and I wasn't up to the fight to get it done so I left it alone.) I told him he could take a bath after I was done. I wish I knew that would have worked earlier. I planned to cut it pretty short, but not a buzz, since it grows so fast. I had put the top of his hair in a clip to keep it out of the way. The hair was wet when I did that and when I took the clip out to cut it it looked like a Mohawk. Kade was very excited about that. I was worried he wouldn't want me to cut anymore so I told him after his bath I would put some gel in his hair and try to give him a Mohawk again. I lucked out he was fine with that. After his bath we got out Dad's manly smelling gel and I did my best. I've never actually done a Mohawk on purpose before. Here's what it looked like.

New Do I

New Do II

New Do III

He was and still is so proud of it. It's not the best but not bad for the first attempt. I don't know how to keep the top pointed and not rolling down. We went to the grocery store and school later. He got a lot of comments about his hair. In the evening we went out to Logan's and the waiter called him Spike. I think he liked that. Today there's still a bit of a Mohawk remaining. I'm afraid that when he doesn't sport the new do I'm going to have to trim a lot more hair on top. Dang. If the top was thicker I could make the entire top be spiky but I think it's too thin to look good.



Mickey Standiford said...

Kade was very proud of this. When I got home from work he showed me and then he disappeared. He was in our bedroom admiring his new do in the mirror.

larissakindred said...

You're a very cool mom to let him go out with a mohawk! I think he looks like a rock star. :)