Friday, February 1, 2008

Press Ganey in the News

Yesterday's South Bend Tribune had a great article about Press Ganey Associates. The article talks about our new partner and our continued growth in the community.

Rock on PG!


Kelly said...

Nice article. (That Mel Hall sounds really intelligent. I can't believe I dropped his class and he won't ever let me forget it either.)

Just think Mickey's been there for almost 18 years and has seen all the changes that have happened. Sweetie, maybe you should write the history of PG. I'm sure all employees would love to read it.

Keep going strong PG!

Janel said...

Congrats, but darn it, I thought they might be relocating Press Ganey out west with the big change.

Kelly said...

Fat chance. The city really wants to keep it in town and the company wants to stay put, for now.