Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Untraditional Valentine

Here's my untraditional Valentine card this year.  I only sent it to our grandmas.  I found the idea here.  Have a Happy Valentine's Day.

Untraditional Valentine


becca said...

I think that is very pretty! Love the little hearts! nice job. I sent my new years cards out to the extended families, with the christmas photo, for last week, so I sort of hit 3 holidays (including valentines) in one mailing. how about that? Mad skills.

Janel said...

What does it take to qualify as one of your grandmas? Could I, somehow, get on this exclusive list?

Kelly said...

I don't think you could qualify as my grandma but maybe you could buy a subscription. Only $12 a year for 12 cards. Shipping may be extra.