Monday, March 10, 2008

Daylight Savings

Why do we have daylight savings time?  I don't understand why it's still in practice.  For me I don't save anything.  I loose an hour of sleep and have a hard time adjusting to get to sleep earlier, it's no longer light in the morning, and the kids don't want to go to bed because it's still light out.  We used to be on Indiana time which meant we had it good.  We didn't have to remember to move our clocks back or forward, we didn't have the sun up at 10 o'clock at night, and we took turns being on Eastern and Central time.  Thanks to our terrible governor everything changed.  (I'll admit when I see the "Ditch Mitch" bumper stickers I whole heartedly agree.)

Saturday night Mickey went around changing everyone's clock to make us ready for Sunday.  I tried to go to bed early since the clock said 11 but I couldn't sleep.  My body's too smart to trick it.  Everyone was grouchy the next morning.  I got the girls up for school this morning and I really don't like that it's so dark again while they're at the bus stop.  With it still being dark I just wanted to climb back into bed after they left.  I did.  Does anyone else have a problem adjusting to the new time?


kellymear said...

Oh, come on, this is only like the second time in your life that you've even had to change time! stop whining! :) Or else move to AZ where we don't do daylight savings! It's wonderful, as you well know. I don't think Hawaii does either, which would also be a great place to live.

Janel said...

I admit, we missed Sacrament meeting due to DST for the first time in my life yesterday. It was embarrassing. Also awkward, since Mark was supposed to play the organ. Oops. I wouldn't necessarily Ditch Mitch over it, but I could enjoy life without DST!

Kelly said...

Kelly, this is the third time in my life that I've had to change the clock. I know big deal. I don't think I could live in AZ, it's TOO dry for me, but I would love to move to Hawaii. I'll see if I can talk Mickey into it. :-)

Janel, I'm sure Mark was missed. Hopefully someone stepped up to fill in. That's the nice thing about our church, someone can always fill in. We made it to church on time. We all got ready in about an hour. That was a miracle. The time change thing is not the only complaint I have about Mitch. Remember the toll road leasing?

I think we should all protest DST and maybe they'd stop. It'd be worth a shot.

Chad said...

At the Mano house we look forward to changing the clocks. Sure, the Spring is difficult, but we take an optimistic view. If we didn't change the clock in the Spring we wouldn't accidentally be on-time for church once every Fall!

becca said...

hm... well Kelly, I am not used to the changing either, as I also grew up in IN. However for the last 3 days, my kids have "slept in" until 7:30!! That is a miracle. I agree about bedtime though. Its tough to wind down!!