Thursday, March 20, 2008

Playing Catch Up: Dates With Dad

I have had good intentions about posting about each of my dates with the kids, but for some reason I have not sat down and followed through.  So I am now sitting down and I will post a quick recap of the past three weekends.Three weekends ago, Megan and I went golfing at MegaPlay and then sat down and enjoyed some shakes at Dairy Queen (very similar to my date with Kade).  (All photos)

Megan setting up her shot

Two weekends ago, Mat and I went out for lunch at McDonald's and then went (can you guess) golfing at MegaPlay.  I've got to start rotating the location because three weeks of doing basically the same thing gets a little old to me although it's something new to each child.  All photos

Uh, I think you missed

Last weekend Kade and I really mixed it up.  Thanks to an outstanding suggestion from Kelly, we stopped at the downtown library and borrowed a pass to the College Football Hall of Fame.  So instead of paying $9 for myself to get in, it was completely FREE.  Sweet!  We had a really good time.  Kade enjoyed the participation activities quite a bit.  He kicked, passed, and blocked.  He also took a couple of really good photos while I was having my turn at these events.  We made a quick stop in the gift shop and picked up a little stress reliever football and then headed out onto the outdoor partial football field.  Kade loved this.  He ran all over the place with his new football.  Afterwards we stopped at the South Bend Chocolate Cafe.  All photos

Man this dude is huge 


BettyS said...

What lucky children to have such a great Dad. Looks like they all had fun!

Janel said...

Hopefully Mom gets a date with Dad, too. The question is, will you go back to Mega Play, or will you go to Pages In Time? :)

Mickey Standiford said...

Yes, Mom's date is tomorrow and I can guarantee we won't be going to MegaPlay and I think she visits PIT enough on her own.