Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Afghan Blocks

For the last few months I have been working on a knitting project. Surprise, surprise. I was inspired by an episode of DIY's Knitty Gritty. (Some of the stuff on there is rather weird but since I'm a visual learner I've learned a lot watching that show.) The show that inspired me was about Aran Knitting, which means cables!! I have wanted to do cables for a long time but was intimidated by them. After watching that show I felt I could do it. After searching for the right yarn to use (not wool, which is typically used) I began my project. The afghan is 20 12" squares. I have them all knitted and washed. Now I have to block all the squares and then I have the daunting task of sewing them all together in a pleasing way. (Which means I will stress over the arrangement for a while until someone talks me into doing it a certain way. Hopefully Jessica and Sue will help out with this.) I would love to pay someone to sew it together for me but I've already spent enough on the yarn. Here are pictures of the different stitches I used. (Please excuse the differing colors. It's the lighting and flash. They are all the same color, which is the color of the first one.)

Rope CableMoss Stitch


Trinity StitchPlaited Braid Cable


Double Moss Stitch MossDiamond Cable


Braid Cable Horseshoe Cable


Honeycomb Stitch

I'll be sure to post a picture of the finished project...maybe in the fall. Now that I have cabling experience I'm working on a new project. A cable jacket.


Janel said...

Wow! Those are amazing! I love the first one and last one and argyle one. Who knew that you could knit like that? When you have a big company someday, will you give me your autograph?

Kelly said...

A big company, huh? I don't think that will ever happen, maybe in my dreams. I'm sure I'll never be famous, except among family and friends. How about an autograph on a hand made card? It won't be of any value though.

kellymear said...

Kelly, those are awesome! I'm thoroughly impressed. How big is each block? That's going to be one amazing afghan- I can't wait to see the finished product. Way to go!!

larissakindred said...

Wow, these look incredible! You are so talented. Time to start making sweaters!

Kelly said...

The jacket is basically a cardigan type sweater. I'm making good progress on the back. I'm so excited! I'm sure things will come up and I won't be able to consistently work on it. Although we do have a driving trip coming up. That should be about 11 hours of knitting. Thank goodness Mickey likes/has to drive.

becca said...

wow! I think your work is perfect.