Monday, April 14, 2008


Now that it's the middle of April I think I had better write something about the month of March.  There were a few things that happened like St. Patrick's Day, Easter, and Kade's 3rd Birthday.  I don't know why I'm having an aversion to blogging but I am.  I would rather do something else.

I really tried to get into St. Patrick's Day this year.  To help the kids be green I bought them a Logan nose from Burger King.  At least one got lost, of course.  I didn't get any pictures of the kids with their noses on or of them in their green clothes.  I'm a bad mom.  But I did make a green dinner for us to enjoy.  I don't know how to die ham so that was the only thing not really green.  We had green salad, green grapes, green rice, broccoli, green lemonade, and green rice krispie treats.

Green DinnerGreen Dessert

 The next big event was Kade getting his first haircut with the clippers.  He said he wanted his hair cut like Dad's.  I gave in only because Mickey promised to use the biggest guard possible so it wouldn't be too short.  It grows so fast anyway that I don't think there is a too short.  Kade looked cute with his new long buzz.  I think he thinks he's more grown up now.  Here he is.  (Notice how his hair on the side grows forward.  That might be a problem later in his life.)

First Haircut with ClippersBe careful of my ears

The Side View


In preparation for Easter I boiled about 20 eggs to get dyed.  The kids had a great time and they all could have done more but I didn't want to be eating boiled eggs for a month.  Here are the rest of the pictures from this event.

The kids and their colorful eggs

We didn't get any good pictures from Easter day.  We ended up having not too bad weather.  That was nice.  The kids really gobbled up their candy.  I would love to come up with some other way to celebrate Easter (meaning no bunny and chocolate, at least not on Easter itself) so if anyone has any ideas let me know.

On the 28th of March Mickey took a picture of the kids like this:

Three TV Bums

I don't think I've ever seen all of them watching TV like this before.  Funny.

Then we get to the 29th, Kade's birthday.  He is finally 3!  He had been looking forward to his birthday for a while.  I think he had a good one.  His birthday was actually a busy day for the family but we made time for Kade.  He got to open presents, which he loved.  What kid or adult doesn't?   From us Kade got some trucks, no-mess painting supplies, an outfit, and his favorite thing, a bike.

Here's the big present.  Kade LOVED his bike.  Blowing out the candles, trying anyway

I made a big brownie for his "cake".  Being a chocoholic, he loved it.  He did have trouble blowing out his candles.  Here are the rest of his birthday pictures.  The next day we had a little family party for him.  He got some movies, a lawn chair, a "dolf" club with balls, gardening tools, and other outdoor things.  He'll be busy this summer.  Here are more pictures from the party.

Kade loved his new bike so much that he was constantly riding it in the house since it wasn't really warm enough outside.  I got tired of wiping the tire marks off the walls so the first nice day I took him out.  He is already a good little bike rider.  I can't believe he's only three.  (Here's the other biking pictures.)

Kade riding his new bike Happy Boy

I think this pretty much wraps up March.  Now I'll have to blog about Spring Break (if you want to look at the pictures from Spring Break you can look at them from the flickr page link to the right)  and then Mickey will have to tell about his trip west.  Check back later.


Janel said...

If being a good mom is equivalent to getting pictures of all important events, I'm in big trouble, too! In fact, when Mickey was out here, I didn't take a single picture, in spite of the fun times. Except for a few pictures in the orchard...I'll let him tell you about those!

You guys have had a busy month. Hopefully sometime you'll be up to posting pics of the big blanket you're working on.

Kelly said...

I heard about those pictures. I can't believe the things he did out there. You might have to send them to me so I can hold them over him.

Regarding the blanket...right now it's just a pile of blocks. I'm almost done with the knitting. Maybe I could take a few pictures of what I've done so far. The color is the same as your scarf if that helps you wait for the pictures.

becca said...

these are great pics. I too am in the bad mom category because I pretty much ignored St. Pattys Day all together. Is that taboo in Irish town? We do the one inch size on the trimmers for the boys here too. works great. its quick and clean cut. My fave. Erick has been known to do that for his hair too. LOL!

Mickey Standiford said...

Well I for one have to say that you are definitely not in the "bad mom" category. There are a lot of things that are documented. Thanks for keeping the blog alive, I really need to make the time to detail my wonderful trip out west. Thanks for trying to get me in trouble Janel! Good thing I came clean first.

Janel said...

I never said anything about the content of the orchard pictures. I think you must have been feeling a little guilty yourself! : )