Saturday, April 26, 2008

Spring Break 2008

Since the girls continued to talk so much about last year's Spring Break trip to Cincinnati, we decided that we better have something in store for them for this year. We decided on a trip to Sandusky, Ohio and the Great Wolf Lodge, an indoor water park with an outdoor theme.The drive wasn't too bad, it only took us a little over three hours to get there. We got there a little before check in time but our room was ready for us. We felt really lucky to have the very first room on the second floor, so we had quick access to the elevators which led down to the water park. First thing on the agenda, swimming!

The Kids ready to swim

Then it was down to the water park.

The water park

This place was amazing! They had a bunch of different areas and it was nice and warm inside. They said it was always 84 degrees, but I think some areas were not quite that warm. The kids played in the kiddy area for a little while.

Kade going down the little slideMeg loves the water

Mat having a good time

Then it was on to what turned out to be Mattey's favorite area, the lazy river. She enjoyed the fact that she could walk around or float on tubes and after the first day, she had enough confidence to do this without her swimming vest. Her and Kelly spent a lot of time in this area. Kade also enjoyed bouncing around in this area. There were a couple of smaller slides that the kids tried out, and then it was on to the big ones. Megan went down the big slides on her own tube by herself and Mattey went down on a double tube with Kelly. Megan loved it and this was the first of about fifteen trips for her, she tried to keep track. This would be the only trip for Mattey, she was not thrilled with the speed. The last day of our trip I was able to talk Kelly into going down again with Kade because there were two different slides and I convinced her that the first one she went on was the fastest and that the other was not as fast. Oh yeah, speaking of Kade. He ABSOLUTELY loved the big slides. I think he and I could have walked up those stairs all day and he would have been in heaven. He also preferred the faster of the two slides. It was fun and really fun to listen to him hooting and hollering as we slid down the slide.

Later we had dinner at one of the restaurants in the lodge.

Family dinner at Gitchigoomie Grille

After dinner we enjoyed a small show that was put on in the foyer of the lodge. This show was fun the first time, unfortunately they replayed this show in the next hour and then we weren't so sure we enjoyed our close proximity room.

The next day was filled with more swimming and some arcade fun. The kids enjoyed some games and of course loved those games that give away those wonderful tickets which can then be used to buy the high class prizes that end up littering the floor.

Mattey playing air hockeyKade and Kelly driving Daytona

Meg playing ice ball

The last day was some more swimming and some crafty work. Mattey colored her own pillow case and Kade and Meg colored knapsacks.

Megan and her knapsackKade and his knapsack

Mattey and her pillowcase

A trip home with some tired kids who were all focused on the movie, with Kade taking a break or two to look at a new super hero book and eat some Oreos.

Kade watching a movie, reading a book, and eating Oreos.Mat totally into the movie.

Meg totally into the movie.

We had a lot of fun and hopefully, next year at this time, the kids will remind us how important it is to take these small trips together.


BettyS said...

What a fun trip. Those lucky kids are my grandchildren and they are blessed to have such great parents!

Janel said...

Almost thou persuadest me to move back to Indiana...what a party!

Mickey Standiford said...

We can come up with plenty of more fun things if that will help persuadest thou!

kellymear said...

Wow- what a fun place! Isn't Sandusky where Cedar Point is too? That's where I thought you were going to say when you said Sandusky. But this looks way better for young kids. What a blast! Love all the pictures- especially Kade in the Y shirt! :)

becca said...

hey this looks like so much fun! very cool! waterparks make me nervous, but the kiddie area looks great. glad you had fun. ok, we need to upgrade to a van with a dvd player, and headsets, and then maybe I feel like a family road trip. ps. how do your kids sleep on these trips, ok?

Mickey Standiford said...

I would say they sleep a LOT better than the adults do. Actually one of the nights, Kaden and Mattey slept together and Mattey read Kade to sleep which never would have happened at home.

Kelly said...

This was a very fun trip. I was a little apprehensive, as I am with all trips, but the water park was smaller than I thought it would be and I was relieved to see life guards everywhere. I was glad we could all find things to enjoy. I was bummed I found out too late that the big yellow slide was one I'd do. At least I got to do it twice. I did get some exercise while Mat and I hung out in the lazy river. I would highly recommend this place and they are all over the country not just in OH.

Yes, Kelly, Cedar Point is right by the Great Wolf Lodge. I would pick the Lodge over the Point any day.