Wednesday, May 7, 2008

School Activities

Every Wednesday for the last few months I've been going to the girls' school to help with Mattey's class.  I help the kids with reading in various ways, such as  reading books or plays in a group, and playing word Bingo.  I get a kick out of the kids.  There's always one or more that have to share their life history with me.  Sometimes it's more than I wanted to know.  Mattey loves that I come in and spend some time with her.  (By the way she is already reading at a 2nd grade level.  She's doing great!)  A little draw back is that I take Kade with me.  He's usually pretty good but he's started exploring and getting into things lately.  He also likes to carry on conversations with the kids while they're supposed to be working.

Every other Friday since the beginning of the school year I've been going in to help Megan's class with computer lab.  Mickey takes the other Fridays.  This is not really my area of expertise but I don't really have to help with the computer stuff since most know how to log in and they are supposed to be working on a specific program, such as math or reading comprehension.  I just help out with problems they are working on like adding fractions or whatever.  Megan is in a 3rd and 4th grade class due to high enrollment and not enough teachers.  I'm always amazed how well she does compared to some of the other students.  I shouldn't be but I am.  Kade tags along for this too.  He likes to give the boys five and they all comment when he's got his hair done in a mohawk or spike.

Today Megan's class did a poetry reading.  (I forgot the camera, again.)  I had to go to Mat's class first and then to Meg's.  I was really worried about Kade being good for that long.  He usually only lasts about 30-40 minutes.  I had a little talk with him before we went into school.  I told him I really needed him to be good today because we were going to be there for a while.  He was pretty good while we played bingo in the hall and then we went to Meg's class.  Her teacher knew I was coming late so she let Meg wait to recite until after I got there.  She did great.  She spoke loud enough for everyone to hear and she didn't seem the least bit nervous.  She's not related to me.  She recited "Hungry Kid Island" by Shel Silverstein.  After the program all the parents and kids were socializing.  I was watching Kade interact with all the boys in the class.  I came to realize he's like a mascot for that class but without a costume.  He goes around high fiving, talking to the kids, and hitting fists saying bladow but it sounds like butt out.  I think he's going to be trouble when he's actually in school.  We'll see how he does in the fall when he starts preschool.  We've already visited the school and he didn't want to leave.  He talks about going all the time and points out the building when we drive past saying "There my preschool!"


kellymear said...

Oh, I SO look forward to the days I can help out in school classes. I LOVED when my mom could come in, and I love Elementary Schools. Seriously, that sounds so fun to me.

Mickey Standiford said...

I feel like I miss out by not seeing Kade in this environment. I have seen him though, just in the past few days, interacting with some of these same boys who actually live in our neighborhood so I can only imagine. He is a riot!

Janel said...

My mom never helped out in our classes because she couldn't have brought 6 other kids with her. I think that's awesome that you go in. Does it remind you of your primary days? When you asked in sharing time if someone's had a prayer answered, and you get 30 life histories about a lost toy (not necessarily related to prayer)? At least Mattey's old enough now to not cling to your leg, right? I bet the girls are so proud to have their mom and brother there. It's neat that Mickey can go, too.

becca said...

kade is too cool for school! im impressed that he is so good for you... if you ever want to drop him here instead you are welcome to. :) I just took Jed this week to Darden for his kindergarten assessment to find out if he will go all day or not. Ella also got evaluated for the Darden preschool buddy program. They loved her! So depending on what they say she might not make it to woodard. (ducking from the adhesivie you are throwing at me)I will keep you posted!

Kelly said...

Kade will be sad his girlfriend won't be going to Woodard. I won't tell him unless he asks. I'll be sure to throw something at you tonight, Becca. I'm glad you will be getting a break from some of your kids.

I can imagine Kade grown up and being the big man on campus. That will be interesting.

Janel, Mattey still runs over to me and hugs me and then doesn't want to leave me. I guess I should like that but I don't like having people hang all over me. When I sit down I have one "red" on each arm. I can't move and it makes me claustrophobic.