Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Coughing Truth

The last few months Mattey has had this little cough and clearing of the throat thing going on. Thinking it was allergy related she'd been given Claritin and Zyrtec, not at the same time of course, without getting much relief. I took Mattey to the doctor (not her normal doctor which she hasn't actually seen yet, it's a long story) about a month ago because of the cough and I didn't want her reactive asthma to start up. The doctor checked her out and said she didn't hear any asthma and that her problem was allergies. Today Mattey had her first allergy doctor appointment. I made Mickey take her because if she had to get all those shots in her back I couldn't handle it and he's got experience taking that test.

They didn't have to do shots. For kids they do a "pinch" and then leave the stuff on the surface of the skin. After waiting for a couple of hours they were given the results......She's allergic to NOTHING! Now we know. She was diagnosed with mild to moderate asthma. She was given 3 different prescriptions: 1) to take everyday, 2) to use when the coughing starts up, and 3) a steroid to take when it gets bad like in the fall/winter when she's usually sick. Now we know the truth behind the coughing.

Ever since Mattey was this little...

Baby Mattey

...she's had trouble with asthma. Now that she's this big...


...we finally know the truth and how to treat her asthma. Here's to no more coughing.


Mickey Standiford said...

What a cutie - then and now! She was such a trooper today and even had to get a chest x-ray so that they have a baseline for her. We will all be happy if this solves the coughing!

BettyS said...

Too bad she had to get this family gene passed on. Mickey had his first allergy tests when he was three. Of course, he had a lot of allergies plus asthma. Maybe she will eventually outgrow it. We can hope!

Kelly said...

Thankfully the only allergy problem the kids have came from me. Allergies to medicine. That's much easier to deal with.

I really hope Mat outgrows this. At least we can keep it under control now.