Friday, June 20, 2008

She's Got Game

Megan just got done having one of her best softball games, at least defensively that is.  She started out by playing four innings at catcher.  Our "normal" catcher decided not to come to the game as well as her backup so Megan jumped into duty.  She played really well, stopping most of the pitches and hustling around after the wild pitches.

Then, in the fifth inning, she got her chance that she has been waiting for.  Coach sent her out to warm up in the top of the fifth and when it was time to go out in the field she said, "where am I going?"  I told her she was going to pitch and her face lit up.  She got the first batter to ground out to her, so far so good.  One of the next batters scored on one of those plays where the girls just through the ball around the infield, not much you can do about that.  She then made it through the rest of the inning with no runs scored.

To top it off, Megan and I rode our bikes to the game which she has been dying to do.  It was a really good game and Megan played really hard.  Way to go girl!

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