Monday, June 9, 2008

Wrapping Up May

I know it's June already but there are a few things that haven't been covered from May yet. (I've taken a break from blogging and then the internet didn't want to work right. So I'm finally getting around to it.) May was a very busy month and it just flew by for us. We had a few birthdays, Mother's Day, a Spring concert, softball practice and games, 2 field days, septic work, last day of school, and a week long vacation. This post will cover a few of these things. The vacation is big enough it will get it's own post after I've gone through the hundreds of pictures we took.

I can now show the first rag quilt I made. My mom got it for Mother's Day.

Ragged side of the bear quiltThe flat side

One big event for May was Mattey's 7th birthday. She was very excited to turn 7. We had her party the Sunday before her birthday. We had it at Nana and Papa's house because ours was a mess in preparation to have septic and plumbing work done. Mattey got some great gifts. She wanted a white and chocolate cake but wouldn't let me put the raspberry filling in the middle. Here's the birthday girl (I can't believe she's 7 already):

New ShoesA New Dress

Just what I wanted...a new bear.New Jammies

Hooray CandlesThe Birthday Girl More ShoesThe Enchanted CD

Megan had a Spring Concert for school. This is her second concert being in the school choir (it's only open to the 3rd & 4th graders). The music teacher gave her a CD with all the songs on it and she practiced her songs all the time. By the night of the concert the whole family knew all the words. Here's Meg at the concert. She did great. They aren't good pictures but what can you do without a huge flash? (She's supposed to look like that in the second picture. She's a soldier for the Battle of New Orleans.)

Megan SingingIn 1814....

Another huge thing we had the unfortunate opportunity to experience was having our septic system replaced. This is such a mess. First you have to find someone who you can count on to do the work, then your yard and sometimes your home can be torn apart, and then you have to pay big bucks for it. The first step, finding someone to do the work, took us a while. I should really say Mickey since he did all the leg work but we decided together. We went with A&R Wastewater Management. They did a good job as far as we can tell but what do we have to compare it to? Everything is working and it passed inspection by the county so I guess it's good. To prepare for A&R to work I had to move hundreds of flower bulbs. I gave a lot of them away since I don't have room to plant them anywhere else. (Mickey did make me a flower bed beneath our tree. It looks great. I'll post pictures when the flowers are really blooming.) Mickey had to remove the fence, take down the swing set and move it, take down the basketball hoop, move the shed, and the really sad part, cut down the grape vine. (Sometimes it's nice to have a bad back.) I wanted to move it but the roots went too deep so there was no way without using dynamite. And I couldn't take cuttings because it's the wrong time of the year and I didn't have anywhere to keep them safe while I was gone on vacation. I'll have to get a couple new ones and wait for a good crop. That was a lot of work.

Yard before diggingKade's favorites...dumptruck and diggerThe Digger in actionThe Digger in actionThe delivery truckAnother deliveryCutting the drivewayMaking the trench for the pipe

The trench we had to jump over for two daysKade driving the digger

Yard after digging

We decided to redo some plumbing while we were at it since our water left the house in three different locations and at three different levels and the old septic tank, which collapsed, was buried under the garage. We had to do a lot of work for this project too. We moved almost everything out the laundry room and the storage room or the dark room as the kids call it. Everything was piled up in the toy room and office. Mickey had to remove the ceiling in the laundry room, cut pieces of dry wall from the wall and ceiling in the toy room, and remove some tiles from the office ceiling. The plumbers from Frog Plumbing, Inc. were good. The owner made sure not to leave us with a huge mess. He had his sons do clean up. We also had them plumb in a half bath in the basement. We are looking forward to having this done. A second toilet is a good thing for five people, especially when some people like to take a long time in the bathroom. I won't mention any names, girls. Oops. Mickey has to frame in the walls before they can come back and finish this work.

Holes in drywallNew Plumbing

Spot for new bathroom



Janel said...

Wow. What a project. Way to hang in there. What are your vacation plans?

Kelly said...

The project is not completely over since we still have major clean up to do, i.e. grass to grow, getting a cement truck to fill in the driveway,....

We went to Virginia for a week. Details in the next few days.

Mickey Standiford said...

Wow, I feel really tired again seeing all the work we did typed up. That was one busy month.

michellekarren said...

Wow! Kelly that quilt turned out so pretty. I love seeing the shoes Mattey wore every day she was here! So cute. Hope you are getting things back together.