Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Oh, Happy Day!

I know it's only August 12th, and I'm way behind in telling about our summer, but today was the first day of school for the girls.  Last night for FHE we went over some rules and packed the girls' backpacks.  Mat was a little nervous and Mickey gave her a blessing.  I was worried they wouldn't want to get up this morning because they had just started sleeping in the last few weeks.  Kade was the first one up at 6:30.  Since he came in to sleep with me and didn't go back to sleep neither did I.  I got up and Meg was right behind me.  Mat didn't have a problem either.  That's a bit of a shock since she's NOT a morning person.  They got dressed and ate breakfast and then they were ready to go.  It was only about ten after seven and the bus wasn't coming for another 30 minutes.  I had some time to take some photos of the girls.  They both got a professional haircut yesterday.  (It looks much better than what I do.)  They look so cute.

First day of 4th grade First day of 2nd grade Waiting for the bus

Kade enjoyed his time today without getting picked on or having to whine about what movie he wanted to watch.  Here he is playing legos.  He did this most of the day, sometimes with a movie on.

Enjoying time alone

I got to enjoy a quiet day.  I exercised and was in the shower by 9!  I also got a lot of work done around the house.  That will be a post for tomorrow.

The girls made it through the first day just fine.  They both like their teachers, neither one got the one they wanted but both teachers have pets in their classrooms so that's a bonus.  Thursday we get to meet the teachers and see the classrooms.  That will be fun.  Here's to a good school year.


Janel said...

That picture of Meg is what looks professional! I expect lots more posts now that you've got some sanity time!

Mickey Standiford said...

I couldn't agree more with Janel. That picture of Megan is one of the best I have seen. I was so relieved to hear Mattey being happy about her new teacher. Megan went through switching teachers midstream last year, so I knew she could handle anything. Oh yeah, Kade continued his early streak this morning by coming into the bathroom around 5:30am. We had breakfast together and then I left him watching Scooby Doo. Reminded me of many years ago when Megan would always get up before I left for work.

becca said...

These pics are awesome!! I agree, Meg's looks like a senior portrait. Mattey's is great too with the bright flowers all around. Nice job! Kade is cute!! Today Luke is home with just me for the morning. He has already played with legos, had 2nd breakfast, got an owie, and had a bath. Whew. I am loving the quiet!!! Enjoy yours too!

michellekarren said...

Wow! They look so cute and happy. I think we need to see a picture of the happy, cute mom too!