Thursday, September 25, 2008

First Field Trip

Today Kade went on his first field trip.  (The second one is next week, already.)  He's been excited about it since last week when he turned in the permission slip.  We, yes I went with him, went apple picking.  We drove up to a small orchard just north of Niles.  This is the fourth time I've been there.  Kade had fun.  He was given a plastic grocery bag and let loose in the orchard.  Most of the apples were too high but we searched for low hanging ones and found some, enough for him to fill his bag.

Reach Kade I found an apple I found another one

He had to eat a golden delicious on the way home.  They are really good.  Somehow I volunteered myself to help Kade's class make applesauce tomorrow.  There goes my alone time.  Now we'll have to go as a family to pick so I can make applesauce.  Yum.


Mickey Standiford said...

Kade told me that the apples were really juicy. It looks and sounds like he had fun.

becca said...

great photos Kelly! What a fun outing... so you are going to have applesauce to go with your jam? you are totally set for winter! glad Kade is enjoying school!