Friday, September 5, 2008

Kade's First Day of Preschool

Today is the day that Kade's been looking forward to for months.  In May we visited the preschool.  After an hour he didn't want to leave.  It was a good thing I got him out of there before the fire truck showed up or I never would have got him to leave and then he would have expected the truck to be at school everyday.  He's talked about going to preschool ever since.  I thought he might have a hard time being left because at the time he wouldn't even go to nursery by himself.  In the last few weeks he finally started doing that, it only took 2 years.  (There were a lot of changes made to the nursery that didn't help things.  I won't go into it.)  Yesterday we had orientation and I don't count that as the first day mostly because I forgot to take the camera.  And it was only an hour and it was mainly for the children to meet the teacher, get to know the classroom, and for the parents to be given info.  He didn't want to leave yesterday either.

I consider today to be the official first day.  Kade was very excited.  He was asked to bring in a stuffed animal for show and tell.  He took his big bear from Nana and Papa.  It got carried in his new school bag.  Kade watched me put the finishing touches on it last night and couldn't wait for the paint to dry so he could use it.

When we got there he just dropped his bag and ran off to play.  He did see his name tag laying on the table and put it on and then was off again.  I had to call him back to get a picture with his teacher.  He could hardly stand still long enough before he was off again.  I had to go to him to tell him good bye.  He could have cared less that I was leaving.  I, on the other hand, was a little sad to be leaving my (last) baby.  I've done this twice before, and not been very sad but maybe a little relieved, but I always had someone else left with me.  This time I'm left to myself...isn't this what I've been waiting for?  I think it's mostly that he didn't need me.  I hate to admit that he's growing up.  He just grew up too fast.  Next thing I know he'll be driving and then leaving home.

Here's the proud school boy.

Kade at school

He's showing off his new bag.

The school bag

Kade and his teacher Mrs. R.

Kade & Mrs. R

I've dried my few tears and now I'm going to enjoy my alone time by playing music loud and cleaning the house.  I don't really enjoy that but since I haven't felt well this week the house does need some attention and I don't want to waste a Saturday cleaning.  I'm sure there will be lots of updates about preschool.  There are 4 fieldtrips scheduled in the first 2 months.  I won't be alone as I thought since I'll be tagging along.  :-)


Janel said...

What a cute school bag for Kade! I'm sure you'll get plenty of projects done, now that he's in preschool! Lucky. I could always put in an order for a Vera Wang bag, if you're really desperate for things to do! : )

becca said...

awe, he looks all grown up! what a cutie. I am so glad he has been going to nursery and has no worries with preschool. that is awesome! I love his bag, too cute! Enjoy your time, lucky duck!

michellekarren said...

He looks so darling! It's fun to see how excited he is.

Kelly said...

I don't know if I could pull off a Vera Wang but I could do a Vera Bradley. I will take orders.