Thursday, September 25, 2008

Meg's 10th Birthday!

Megan is 10!  (Her birthday was almost two weeks ago.  I'm so behind, again.)  Can you believe it?  Now it doesn't seem like yesterday that she was a baby (maybe still in preschool) but I really don't feel old enough to have a 10-year-old.  That kind of snuck up on me.

Her birthday was on Monday the 15th.  She asked Mickey to come eat lunch with her at school, which he did.

Meg wanted Mickey to have lunch with her.

After Mickey got home from work she opened her presents from us.  She got a lot of Pokemon stuff (I can't tell you what it is exactly because I have no idea), some clothes she didn't pay attention to, and a Flip video camera.  The Flip was the highlight with the Pokemon stuff a close second.  To see all her birthday pictures click here.

After presents were done Megan decided she wanted to go to Hacienda for dinner.  She just wanted to be sung to and have the cake and sombrero.  That cake is really good.

Hacienda cake and sombrero

On the 20th we had a family party for her.  She had asked everyone to get her a gift card or cash.  She had plans to buy her own DS.  And after everyone left she went out and bought it, spending all the (spending) money she had.  Now she has to start saving all over again.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEG!


Mickey Standiford said...

mmm, cake! I think she had a good birthday. She is also dragging it out quite well. Amanda and her are going out this weekend to continue the birthday celebration. 10 years old, now how did that happen?

becca said...

happy belated birthday to Megan! Looks like a very fun birthday with lots of presents to boot!