Thursday, September 25, 2008

Soccer Season

This year when the mailers from MSA came we asked Megan if she wanted to play soccer this fall.  She said yes but then decided she didn't want to, she likes softball better.  Mattey said she wanted to play.  We asked her several times if she really wanted to because she tends to not finish what she started.  We told her she had to do all the practices and play all the games if we signed her up since it's not cheap.  She agreed.  Well then Megan decided she wanted to play too.  We signed both of them up.  We heard from the coaches the end of August and practices started the first week of September.  The first games were scheduled for the 13th but since we had about 11" of rain that weekend the games were cancelled.  Both girls played on the 20th at the same time at different fields across town.  Thankfully we only have to do that one more time.  Mickey went to Mattey's game and Kade and I went to Megan's.  Both girls played great.

Mickey took the camera so this week we have pictures of Mat.

I picked her up some cleats with pink on them, very girly, and tied a bow in her hair.

(I love this picture.)

Soccer Star

She played hard.

Trying to take the ball

She cheered for her team.

Cheering for her team

She was ready to defend the goal.

Ready to Defend Really ready to defend the goal

Her team didn't win (0-3) but she did have a great time playing.  I can't wait to watch her this Saturday.

Meanwhile at Megan's game Kade and I cheered a lot.  Kade kept cheering for white although Meg's team was wearing green.  I think he was just doing it to argue with me.  Megan made some good passes and had a lot of long drives down the field that ended up in the other team's posession.  She did manage, in the third quarter, to score a goal.  Soon after that the coach switched up the players and she played goalie for a while.  Within a few minutes she blocked a really good attempt by the other team.  When you watch her play you can tell her mind is really in the game.  Her team ended up winning 3-0 but again it's not about who wins.  Here's to a good season.


Mickey Standiford said...

Mattey was a riot to watch. She was really into the game, but the highlight had to be the kung fu pose she struck after her coach told her to play defense. Hi-ya!

Janel said...

I was wondering about that kung fu pose! Great pics.

becca said...

looks like a lot of fun! Great pictures, and you guys are great parents for keeping your kids so active and busy!