Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Summer Review

Okay, the summer is "officially" over since today is Labor Day. (I started this last night.  After spending two hours fighting with the slow internet and iPhoto not working right I gave up and now I'm trying again.)  I thought I better get writing about some of our activities from the summer before I forget them all.  You all know about our vacation already so I won't bore you with that again.  Soon after we were home Mickey and I celebrated our 15th anniversary, can you believe it?  Here we are at the National Zoo.  I think it's a good picture of both of us.  Thanks for taking it John.

Mickey & Kelly

I think Mickey finished this project before we left for Virginia but I just got around to taking pictures.  I had to move all my bulbs from the yard where the septic was redone.  Mickey was great and made me a flower bed to plant all the bulbs I kept.  I also planted some strawberry plants I moved for safe keeping.  It has filled in and looks great.

The Flower Bed

Megan finished up another season of softball.  She played second base a lot, some at catcher, and also pitched an inning.  She is an awesome little player.  She's also really good at keeping the girls involved while they're in the dugout.  You can always hear her singing and chanting more than anyone else.  Maybe it's just the loud voice.  Here's a few more softball pics.

Waiting for her turn to bat

We had a really big rain on June 6th.  (I'm so glad the digital photos get automatically dated.)  Mickey took Kade out to jump/run in the puddles and the girls tagged along.  Here's some pictures from that.  Kade was soaked when he came in.  And of course he thought it was funny to splash his sisters.

Kade running through puddles Kade making a splash

Mattey getting splashed Megan making a splash

I think strawberry picking is going to become an annual event for us.  This is our second year going.  There were a lot of weeds in Grandpa's Orchard this year and the berries were on the small side but they were delicious.  I don't think Kade actually picked any.  If so he ate it.

Kelly with a handful Megan taking a break from picking Mattey taking a break from picking Kade actually picking one Mickey hard at work Our haul, two boxes

I froze a lot of them and will turn them into jam.  Mmmm...it's our favorite.

At the end of June we spent a day at Great America.  The girls were so excited to go, and I guess Kade was too.  We went with Mike, Betty, Amanda, Michelle, Abby, and Emma.  I think everyone had a good time.  (I've learned I'm not going back.  It's just not my kind of place.  I'd rather stay home and enjoy the peace.)  Megan and Kade loved the roller coasters.  Mattey and I found the tamer rides.  There was a water ride that was fun but since we got soaked no one wanted to go on it again with me.  Amanda did some American Idol Kareokee and the girls were her back up dancers.  Later Megan and Mattey got brave and sang a song.  They were great!  I'll have to get Mickey to put the video on.  I'll bug him so hopefully it will get done sometime this year.  Here's a link to the rest of the pictures.

The kids at Great America

I've done some sewing this summer.  I made Mattey a little dress and a beaded purse.  (You can't really see the beads, they blend in.)

Mattey modeling

I also made myself a Vera Bradley knock off.  I started with some Moda fabric.  And worked out a pattern.  And came up with this.  I really like it.  Look at all the pockets!  I love knowing where everything is.

Moda Fabric

Moda Bag Outside Moda Bag Inside

We had a family date and went bowling at Chippewa Bowling Alley.  I was a little nervous since I hurt my back 5 years ago at a bowling alley.  I survived and everyone had a really good time.  Kade was hilarious to watch.  Megan has a wicked spin.  Mattey somehow ended up getting a lot of strikes.  We weren't sure how she did it.  Mickey tries to make a dent in the lane by throwing the ball so hard.  I cautiously and slowly walked to the line and gently rolled the ball.  Our scores are somewhere but I don't have time to look for them now.  But here are some pictures of the family having a good time.  The rest are here.  (Please note that Kade and Mickey's date are in this album also, that's why they have two different outfits on.)

Mat got a strike Meg ready to bowl Look at that form

We thought we'd try cherry picking this year.  We went with Michelle and her girls.  Mickey was at work.  It's not really his thing anyway.  All the kids had a bucket and we had about 70 pounds of cherries in 30-45 minutes!  We had to tell the kids to stop picking.  Once again Kade didn't really pick except to eat.  He was a mess!

Michelle picking cherries Emma picking cherries Mattey picking cherries Abby picking cherries Megan picking cherries Kade chowing on cherries

So that was June.  We were busier than I thought.  In July we celebrated the 4th at Jan and Doc's house.  John provided us with a fabulous firework show.  The next week the kids started their annual tennis lessons at Leeper Park.  Kade even got to play this year.  He was very excited about that.  It's great being 3.  It was great being me too because I got to sit by myself and knit.  Meg has an advantage in tennis, she's ambidextrous.  If she wanted she could hit a powerful forehand with either hand.  I would love for her to practice this but she's kind of taken to only using her right hand, just like she does for all sports.  Mattey was a little apprehensive but I think she enjoyed herself.

Megan learning backhand Mattey learning backhand Kade Picking Up Megan Serving Kade Volleying Mattey learning forehand

We couldn't stop with strawberries and cherries we picked blueberries (twice) and peaches.  We picked blueberries at the Blueberry Ranch.

Kade smashing a berry Meg hard at work Mat taking the lower berriesMickey finding some good berries Kelly finding berries

We went once as a family for FHE and once with my sister-in-law, Mary, and her kids, Crissy, Jr., and Sabe.  (I forgot the camera for this outing.  And Megan had the camera for the peaches so not many pictures got taken.)  They also went with all of us to pick peaches.  Sabe is waiting for apple season.  We got the peaches (and also the cherries) from Treemendous Fruits.

Eating a peach A bucket of peaches

We had so many peaches.  We picked 78 pounds!  They were yummy.  A lot of us were allergic to the fuzz so we were rather itchy on the way home.  Next time we'll wear long sleeves and gloves.  As I posted earlier I made a lot of jam with the peaches.  I also made cobbler twice, peach muffins, and a peach pie smoothie.

Mickey and I also planted a tree in July.  We found a crab apple for half off at Home Depot.  Here's Mickey planting it.  I'll take a picture of the tree in the Spring when it flowers, if it survives the winter.


This year the girls signed up for 4H.  Megan signed up for Photography and Wildlife.  Mattey signed up for Sewing.  The time kind of got away from us and Megan only got her photography project done.  Mattey didn't get her project started mostly because I was the one that had to teach her.  Yikes.  When I was in 4H I had classes and meetings but Meg had almost nothing.  I won't dwell on the negative.  Megan got a blue ribbon for her project.  Mattey will still be in mini 4H next year so she can do the same project.  We can start on it anytime.  It will be a good way to use up some down time in the winter.

The project Meg and her photogrphy project for 4H Mat & Kade on a ride Meg on the big swing Megan showing off her blue ribbon

That ends July.  In August Mickey started a few projects.  One is finishing the new bathroom downstairs and the other is building a deck on the side of the garage, since we don't have a back yard.  It has turned out really nice.  It's in the shade by 4-5 pm and when there's a breeze you can really feel it there.  Now that it's done it's my turn to add a flower bed around it and make it a little cozier.  We are planning a railing or something for next year.  We bought some solar lights to put around it too.

Making the frame for the deck The frame done Mickey screwing boards in place Getting a straight egde Time for weatherproofing Eating on the deck

Since this post has taken me hours and hours to do I'll write about the bathroom later and I have to take a few more pictures.  I'll just say it's sassy green and working.  I'm thankful to have a handy husband.

I'll conclude with my birthday.  I must be sick if I'm doing this.  Anyway, I had a nice day with Mickey and Kade and later the girls.  We went to Chili's for lunch and Mickey surprised me with not going back to work for the rest of the day.  We ran to Meijer for a few things.  It's nice shopping with someone other than a child, except he wanted to look at the legos and things too.  I made a triple layer cake with chocolate and white with raspberry filling.  It was a little unlevel but very tasty.  We just had some deli sandwiches for dinner so we could dig into the cake.  Mickey and the kids totally spoiled me with presents.  I got a thick exercise mat, 27 Dresses, the Fellowship soundtrack, a complete collection of Jane Austen, new ear buds, and the Eragon books.  That takes almost everything off my wishlist.  I'll have to work hard to come up with stuff for Christmas.  I also got some cards, money, and gift cards from other family members.  Thanks.

Kelly and her cake

Now I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  Sorry if you spent an hour reading this.  Hopefully I can get back to posting things when they happen.  Like today our driveway is getting fixed.  I'm so terrible I'm not even taking pictures of it.  Oh well.


Mickey Standiford said...

Wow! That is one impressive post. Now I understand why summer went by so fast, because we were so busy. Amazingly, I somehow managed to complete a math class at school during all this.

Kelly said...

Sorry I forgot to mention that. I didn't have any pictures so it slipped my mind. Just like all our trips to the library. And all the chores I made the kids do. :-)

michellekarren said...

What a fun summer! I love the deck and the planter around the tree. You did so many fun things that your kids will remember forever! Who could forget scratchy arms from peach picking or jumping in those rain puddles?

becca said...

ok, I am now ready for lazy fall! You guys did all kinds of stuff!! Nice post Kelly. Did you get wrist cramps from all the typing? happy belated birthday to you as well! I thought about you! We were busy doing some last minute things for Jed's day. Hope you had a good weekend!! We all had/have colds. so annoying. Thats school for you I guess. The deck looks great! Well done Mickey! Looking forward to pics of the bathroom. PS. remind me to tell you about the missing toy cup... and then you will know why we are down to one working toilet until Erick can fix our second one!! yikes!!

Janel said...

I know Kelly dreads summer, but I can see why her kids love it! What a fun few months! And, awesome work on that purse, Kelly. That looks really professional. I'm still loving mine, and the girls love their princess hats (now Eliza's head actually holds hers up!). Nice work to Mickey's handy work in the basement, again. And may you be here visiting us in Utah next summer!