Thursday, October 9, 2008

A BIG Bucket

It's probably not the kind of bucket you're thinking about.  Yesterday I finished a big black bucket bag (14"w X 12"h X 6"d).  I made it specifically for a church bag.  I have to take a lesson manual, scriptures, and things for the kids to do on top of my own personal items.  So I needed a lot of room.  I wanted something that would be durable and winter-ish.  I chose a suede cloth for the bottom and a polka dot corduroy for the top.  I saw this blue cotton and had to have it for the lining.

Here is the finished bag.  I'm sure I'm going to use it a lot.  I had some ribbon I wanted to use on the outside to make a bow but the ribbon was too thin to stand up to this huge monster bag.  Maybe I'll get to use it some other time.

Black Bucket Bag

It of course has pockets.  They are BIG too.  I'll get lots of stuff in them.BBB inside pockets


Janel said...

That looks so professional! And your new site is awesome. Nice work, Mickey.

Kelly said...

Um...Janel, do you not think I'm capable of changing the blog? I'm hurt. Alright, I didn't "do" it but I picked it out. That's about as involved as I get in all this stuff, besides posting stories, that is.

Justin & LeighAnne said...

So how far in advance should I order a bag from you? My cousin loves them as much as I do & Christmas is too close I'm sure, but her birthday's in June... :) Let me know how much and the details and you are so hired!

becca said...

wow Kelly, this is so cute and I always LOVE the fabrics you pick out. I too would like to place an order! I just can't decide which one I want you to make me. Wonderful job and I love the pockets!

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