Sunday, October 12, 2008

Busy Saturday

Our Saturday was really busy.  We had two soccer games, almost at the same time.  Mat's started first.  She played aggressively but didn't score.  One day I hope she gets a goal.  It would make her so happy.  Meg's game started about 20 minutes later.  I missed most of hers because I was watching Mat's.  Meg got injured (fell on her knee) so she was on the sidelines for a while.  She went back in in the third quarter.  From Mat's game I could see her running and kicking a lot but she didn't score either.  She did play goalie the fourth quarter and again stopped everything coming her way.  I think that's her best position.  She did say she needs to work on having a powerful kick but she throws it out of the goalie box so well we told her she didn't need to worry about it too much.

We came home and most of us ate lunch.  I grabbed a snack and finally started painting the shutters I had Mickey take down about two weeks ago.  The weather has been too cold to paint so I waited for a nice day.  I got it yesterday.  It was almost 80 and the sun was HOT after enduring some days in the 50's.  While I painted Mickey weatherized some wood on the deck off the kitchen.

The freshly painted shutters Hanging shutters

He hung them up while I made dinner later.  (I wish I would have taken a before and after.  They were so faded they were almost pink.)

Since Mickey knew I had a lot to do yesterday he took the kids to see Wall-E.  That was a nice break for me.  Thanks, Babe.  I finished working on my lesson and gave the shutters a second coat.  Then I cleaned up and went to JoAnn for their Columbus Day sale.  Now this is a holiday that's not really celebrated except by stores.  You've got to love it when they give out 50% off coupons.  I used 3 yesterday!

We then had dinner.  Not exactly the way I had wanted since our grill ran out of gas.  I had to bake the chicken instead.  It didn't taste as good.  Then we, mostly Mickey, got the kids to bed and I worked out.  Then he came down and did what he had been waiting to do all day.  Play the Batman Lego game.  He's finished the Star Wars Lego game so this is his new obsession.

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becca said...

oh that is a busy saturday!! dont you love those days when you get a lot done? we went out sat morning and finally bought a car. that was exciting. then we cleaned up the garage. then I finished out the day with an exam. that was fun. he he. your shutters look great! Love that color.